My RealRanks are too good for my own good

I had divorced my Make$ Money$ blog from PayPerPost since November, 15th. By that, I deleted old posts, returned over USD125 to PPP and took off my codes from my blog template. In fact, I exorcise that blog from every single paid post companies and had my money forfeited. I lost a little money but I gained a lot of lansi-ness. I had been reading and notice how those bloggers whom I hope to reach that level one day look down on writing paid posts.


(best RealRank is 1, worst as the numbers go up)

My Malaysia Best Recipes blog is at the impressive figure of 36. Many people will kill to get that number. But I got it! Yay! I lansi. But……..I don’t write paid posts there except for a few RM and SR which pays above USD80. So, now my problem is for me to take off paid posts from this food blog. I farking tulan that this blog was hit by the PR 0 disease but I will get it back somehow. Not so soon because I am under some ‘contract’ to hang on to some links.


I have taken off my RealRank codes from this blog. I also returned all my money to TextLinkAds, LinkWorth and all paid posts were deleted as well. I tell you, it is the most empowering thing I did and I am utterly proud of myself (imagine Simon Cowell and his British slang with uttehli) for being able to throw good money away.

See my personal blog page rank? Number 46! (this was before I took off the codes) Jeles leh….And the other Food Haven has 119.

Since I have RealRanks ranging from 36 to 3115, I notice that those numbers above 200 are pretty safe/stable and they remain quite stable. Anything above 200 fluctuates. Those numbers below 2,000 went north to south.

I know a lot of bloggers who wrote paid posts are damn tulan because I change wind. But with real sincerity I had told them umpteenth time to get a few blogs, sacrifice some, keep some. Right now, I still have a steady streams of paid posts to write and I have hit the five digit a week ago. My blog buddy, Samm who have a lot of blogs too have no problem with coping with the drop to PR to 0. PR 0 gets 0 opps from most paid posts companies except a few that we had been working on. Now, we have more time to concentrate of Project 2.

As for the sale of my make money blog, I got many people whom I thought are smart, conned. One phoned me if I am in some financial difficulties. Kanineh! I did it because I want to test water. I got an offer for USD6K, one offer for USD4K and one offer for USD4.5K. I paid 20 bucks and gain a traffic spike, mention by many blogs and get good reviews that the USD12K I offered was a steal. I earned self-worth, mention and traffic plus 30 extra subscribers. For 20 bucks, it is was a thrilling ride. So to those who thought shit has the hits the fan and I am bailing out, all I can say is ‘Fark, you are dumb, so, so dumb I am ashamed of you!’

Anyway…the main purpose of this post is to tell you guys, never be the followers of anything. Trail blaze your own path. Don’t go with the mob. Drop all your blogging comrades and sniff new opportunities. If you keep getting the same old few commentors everyday who tell you that you are doing fine even when you are getting lame and old, one day you will find that you are already dead and they never tell you.

And I also got a good tip. If you are hard-up for comments, go ask your father and cousin to post comments using kinky nicknames and praise you to the highest heavens. ‘You are famous already, that’s why people want to bring you down’ or ‘Don’t worry, you are such a great blogger, we always stand by you’. *giggles with someone who knows this joke* Feel free to copy and paste the comments and use it yourself, if you have no father and cousin free enough to shake balls and leave comments.

Damn….this feels good. One stone hit many wu-yar.

6 thoughts on “My RealRanks are too good for my own good

  1. As long as you and Samm still make good money, why bother what others think or say lah! Its not like they are going to give you any money from their pockets.

    If you are happy doing it, NIKE lah!!!

  2. Yea, it was good while it lasted. And thank god for us, we went in early. A whole year of fun and lots of money thrown our way. We just had to grab grab grab. Stupid are those who stood by and jeer at us whilst we grab. Now, i’m looking forward to Project 2. It will make huge waves. That, i promise!!!

  3. *blur* semakin i read about page ranks or whatever, semakin i blur…

    nvm. i give up. :p

    this comment is to exclaim at your very very nice new template which has falling snowflakes!!! oh, i so jealous!!

  4. I knew that your “auction” would generate far more than just bids. Imagine what would happen to blogosphere news when John Chow puts up his site on sale and after a month, calls it off saying the bids are not up to his desired price 😉

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