What every father should do…

father and son

Take a month off from work and just be the father and nothing else. No work stress, no traveling hassles, no routine. Carefree.

Teach your kid to swim.

water baby

Actually kids don’t need to learn to swim. They instinctively know how to swim. Just put them in the water and soon, they will grasp the technique to swim on their own.


Meanwhile, I am learning to play with the manual setting on my DSLR. I want to take sports photography this time.

And after teaching your kid how to swim, next is to teach your kid how to ride a bicycle on two wheels!

Go drool at my nasi lemak Sunday.

5 thoughts on “What every father should do…

  1. its really sad.. that my father never quite spend any time with the children when we were younger. to date, i still do not know how to swim and i learned to ride a bike because i was chased by a puppy. to date, i have nothing random to talk to him at all..

  2. i think if given a chance, most father would like to do that. but the thing is not all father can afford that. take my fahter for instance, he was a hardworking man, trying to raise the 3 of us with the very little education he had. he couldnt even afford a week off during CNY! money was too little. but he raised us all wifth good education. but now that he has more time, i dont have much time to spend with him as i am working outstation. life’s funny, isn’t it?

  3. I’m glad my hubby takes baby to the pool almost every week, unless we have other programs on sun evening or he’s out of town…They enjoy each other’s company for having fun, and I have fun too watching them & on standby to dry baby when his time is up…

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