Who wants to be a millionairre? Ingin jadi jutawan?

Anda pasti?

Anda sungguh pasti?

Last night, we had dinner at this mamak place call Bintang in Jalan Air Itam (across CIMB).

nasi kandar

(nasi kandar with telur sotong and daging RM5.10)

So, our conversation involve Hindraf and their gathering today. I was explaining to my sons the reason behind it.

#1 : Hey man, let’s go paint our skin. Then, we apply for fake IC. I think RM3,000 we can get already.

#2 : So many of us, we can get six million.

Me – Eh, they say Hindu lah, religion also change?

#1 and # 2 : That one lagi senang lah…

tosai planta

(tosai planta)

What I notice these few days are how chummy our non-Indian politicians are with disabled Indian children and some even get his wife to dress like one. Complete with what-you-call that mark on the forehead? Dei, Deepavali over long time ledi lor. (click to see the photo)

And these are the one who keep on and on about not making this into a political issues.

roti naan cheese
(Cheese naan)

Anyway, I am glad that I didn’t go to KL because SPM is still going on till Monday. I don’t want to be in those jams you poor, poor, poor, KL-ites are experiencing.

If you have time, please read my post ‘Some screwed up book about Christianity sold at Petronas petrol station‘.

7 thoughts on “Who wants to be a millionairre? Ingin jadi jutawan?

  1. Yesterday went to sister’s house, got caught in 2km jam. Because of Hindraf & Police Roadblocks we blamed them, see-see there was a 40 foot lorry fall head first into drain. So lorry punya salah hindraf dapat nama, sorry ar!!

  2. r1zlan – Lembu punya susu, sapi dapat nama kinda thing? Hahaha.

    anthraxxxx – Siapa anda akan panggil? Samy Vellu?

    terence – Pasti apa? Terensamiloh?

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