“Mommy said I don’t need kindie!”


My mommy and papa decided I don’t need to attend kindergarten next year. I am going to be five years old in February 2008.


I can draw stick man. This is a man. He has two legs and a kukubird.

I also drew a girl with nen-nen which I made with two piles of sands but mommy dare not show it on the internet. She said Google may accuse her of serving boobs.


Do you see a red dot above my ear? That’s my birthmark call haemangioma which the doctor said will disappear by the time I am four years old. I am going to be five and it is still as red. Maybe because mommy and papa and all my three brothers pampered me so much, I nochet four years old, that’s why. I am just a baby.


I can write my name too.

The final verdict is – Mommy said it is not necessary for me to go to kindie next year. She said there is no point to drag me there for half a day, learning whatever she can teach me at home or I can Google on the internet. I can write, I can count, I can read simple words, I can discern the sounds vowels and consonants and draw basic things. I can sing Kelly Clarkson, Sean Kingston, Chris Daughtry and many, many songs except Barney’s. If I want friends, I can play with all my three brothers. They teach me things I cannot learn from my teachers.


Mommy has asked Kindie Or Not and Auntie MG and Leah have confirmed it is fine for me not to go! Yippee!

But hor, actually…my mom hates the idea of waking up early to drag a reluctant me to school. Moreover, she is anti-school concert where they made up little boys like me in lipstick and rouge and dressed me in stupid bee and flower costume. Somemore hor, she said these daycares and some kindies are bloodsuckers. Some kindie bugged mommy yesterday. They were like the credit card salesmen, with the staffs chasing mommy and speaking to her in Mandarin at the supermarket. Didn’t they know mommy paling pantang is to see little girls with red lipsticks and sexy costumes at school concerts like those they were showing on videos? Haiyorrr….now kindergartens also go supermarkets to promote and they love to pull cute little boys like me to join them. I sked, I sked, I sked. I don’t want to go to skool ledi. I want my mommy!!!!!

**end of post **

So, why kindie at five years old? Is it necessary to go for two years?

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  1. Yes it is necessary to go to kindie.

    You don’t want him to be a social hermit.

    Let him learn how to interact with other children.

    Very essential.

  2. thumbs up*
    give your kids some kids life unlike some other kids with kiasu parents! i was just blogging about kids these days.. lol!

  3. i went to kindergarten when i was just 3+ yrs old. reason being my mum kenot tahan tat i clinged to her 24/7. so she threw me to kindergarten. literary. first day was like hell! cried non stop looking for my mummy…but after tat..the 3 yrs+ was awesome! met many frens, played all kinds of kiddie games and teachers are cool too..

    dunno whether nowadays the teachers r cool..but i guess going to kindergarten is like letting ur kids to mingle around wif other kids that are abt their own age…i guess its like socialising…but actually depends on the parents whether they want to put them at the age of 5 or 6…if parents tink their children only need 1 yr of kindie education, then i guess its ok…if u go primary skool also u will learn to mix around..sometimes kindie is like a place for parents to let their children go there so tat they can have some peace n quiet by themselves..lolz..

  4. kindies nowadays are such bunch of bloodsuckers!! i’ve heard that some kindies insist that the parents pay the usual monthly fees even during school holidays, like now!

  5. save those pennies for his college funds. it’s much worth it. lol. seriously, it doesn’t matter at what age you throw your kids to kindie, cuz eventually they all are going to face the same thing. learning basic education like ABC are suffice with 1 year if you ask me.

    i only went to 1 year’s kindie in some terrace house with few small tables with other kids. my results turned out fine enough to be granted scholarships till today. heck, irrelative example it may be, my point is – let kids be kids and enjoy their lives at home with you. cuz time flies and i know for sure, that my parents now miss my absence in house since i’m pursuing my tertiary education.

  6. Hahaha. Yah. Some kindergarden’s main mission is to put on an annual concert to impress parents. When I visited one, the principal proudly told me that part of the fee is for a glossy photo of the kindy year-end concert. Huh??

    I am sending my 6 year old to kindy next year. A happy 6 year old who has a love for learning and is always eager to learn new things.

    Naysayers will tell you that you are wasting your kid’s early learning potential, turning them into a social pariah (like one of the comments above), one year not enuf, your kid will be left behind, blah..blah..blah.. There is lots of pressure and not sending a kid to kindy for 2 years is like swimming against the tide. Its ridiculous.

    Your kid can learn maths and science and arts daily in a non-formal environment at his own pace lah. And he has plenty of opportunity to socialise with his brothers. And you can save one year in fees and sleep. Isn’t that great?

  7. I went to kindergarten when I was 5 and pre-school at 6. I don’t remember much during my kindergarten days except the teacher scolding me for reading “ibu” as “eye-boo”. It starts with an “I” what #$%##@. Me english kia mah. Where got speak bee em one? Digress too much. Sorry. I remember lots from my pre-school days, though. I had a best friend, Annette who’s Indian, a boy-friend, Isa, who’s Malay and many other chee-muis whom I cannot remember their names. Isa (my 6 year old fantasy-only boy-friend) is damn chun and I was soooo happy to be paired up with him for the annual concert dance number. I still have photos from the concert that I’ll cherish forever. Isa … where art thou? Kekeke. That was back in 1985.

  8. I’ll probably send my baby to kindie when he’s 5 & 6 just to prepare him for primary school at 7. Want him to enjoy the first few years CAREFREE, hahaha, so definitely wont send him to kindie at 3…gosh…

  9. If he’s already learning so much at home why bother to sent him to kindy to have his mind corrupted by those bloodsucking teachers/schools.
    Don’t worry that he’ll become ‘social hermit’ lar as he’s attending Sunday School. Is he?

  10. Hi Lilian,
    I am sending my 4+ year old son to prasekolah in a primary school nearby. Im paying only RM100+ for the uniform etc and there’s no monthly fees. Well, for a government servant like me, that’s what I can afford to for my boy’s education.
    Somehow, the reason I send him to the preschool is because I want him to be with the lots of his age. I belief exposing him to the environment will enrich his opinion about life. I do not expect him to be brialliant overnight.
    Somehow, living in a neighborhood whereby the children do not play with kids other than their siblings strenthen my decision to send him off to the school.
    No matter what, I belief being a housewife gives you all the benefit as a mother n personal tutor. All the best to you. Despite branded as the obnoxious mother, you are really a wonderful supermom.

  11. I went to kindy for half-year only. The first-half of 6-year-old was spent bumming around in a Chinese kindy, which didn’t work out for me. The second-half was the ‘real’ kindy I experienced, but I don’t think it made much difference. No need until 2 years lar….

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