Penang shrouded in haze, AGAIN! (and some Samy Vellu and Pak Lah rants)

I don’t know where the hazy weather comes from. Is it from Indonesia again?


(niamah, don’t remind me about senget-ness again wokay? I know wor but I don’t want to straighten it)


The whole sea looks so gloomy. Talking about gloomy, last night both hubby and I were watching TV. My #2 son (the photo is the #3 who is going to be 11 years old tomorrow) came and said, “Eh, you two, stop scolding the TV can ah?”


Cos hor Mr. Sami Bulu acted like he very surprised and said something to this effect, “I already submit my letters to the PM weeks ago (about Indians plights).” Dei, it has been 50 years lah? Now only you submit? You think we all don’t know about Maika and all those money kah? Where all the plantation workers remained poor and neglected with only basic supplies.


Then, TV3 try some propaganda stuffs. Showed us how an Indian has made it big in Kampala, Uganda. The news was implying that if one works hard, one will be successful. The news said that so&so of Malaysia made it big in a country that doesn’t have the same kind of developments and human rights like us. So, that’s why both hubby and I were talking so loud, “Yalah, even in Uganda, the Indian gets equal right. That’s how he made it big in Uganda and not in Malaysia! Aparah, want to be spin doctor, find a better angle lah!”

Pak Lah went to Uganda and congratulates the Indian taukeh and he said something like, “You said you believe in God. I believe that anyone who believes in God will receive the blessings….”

And I was like, what in the name of …….wuah, suddenly we become one God loving happy family. Whatever happened to all the hoo-haa of the Deeparaya, demolishing of temples, fighting over a corpse etc etc? Suddenly you and the rest of us so member-member until we get mentioned in the same breath?


The above is my mee mamak tambah kelompong and sotong. Plus Nescafe-kau and a plate of pasembur. I really love Malaysia. But sometimes, the politicians and their inconsistencies just made me rattled off on the wrong direction.

What was I saying again? Oh ya, haze. The weather is so gloomy and gray due to haze. And I am not buying the Sony Ericsson K850i. I had tested it already. Nothing fantastic. I am going to get the Sony P1i instead. The K850i is RM2,000 cash from Sony Central and the P1i is RM2,088.

10 thoughts on “Penang shrouded in haze, AGAIN! (and some Samy Vellu and Pak Lah rants)

  1. so fast ! you take the photo today and post today. i can’t see the sun today. make me feel sien, lazy, don’t want go out, moody.

    p/s : new theme lo! 2 column now. xmas feeling. shiok!

  2. Aura very strong today. Welkam back again!

    Samy is not Indian lah. Bwahahaha!!!

    Use what champions have. P1i.

  3. KL is also covered with a layer of haze and i have difficulty breathing really.

    this thing about working hard and making it is so damn over-rated. it’s a gimmick to turn someone into a machine without one knowing it.

  4. zewt – So that means haze all over lah? Ish, and I thot haze season is over.

    Terence – yayaya, Samy is hensem and uses a P1i. Cilaka, if I nightmare Samy one more time, I sue you!

    nicholas – Yalor, Gurney Drive looks so damn ugly, what a waste to a nice place like that. If low tide, lagi dashyat with all those mud.

  5. Hmmmm…

    Since yesterday, I can see “fog” around KL. We all suspected if it were because of the tear gas shot on Sunday…….

    *Sigh*… Be prepared for more propaganda talk as we await for the next GE date. šŸ˜›

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