Proton Persona pelik-pelik aircond knobs

I tell you, the last time I ranted about Proton Persona remote control, it almost ended up with war. This time, I am going to rant about the stupid aircond knobs. (and the bunch of you who loves Persona so much aren’t welcome to comment)

You know, in our country, we only need aircond for our cars. So, if you want your aircond to be cold-cold, you kasi pusing to maximum, right? Thermostat and fan both maximum levels.

Faster answer me before you think about your own car’s aircond. MAX MEANS COLDEST. Betul? Cepat….jawab sekarang. Sejuk = maximum?

For the aircond fan, there is this little descending bar. So, morons will know that if the bar is thicker, it means the fan is faster. That one, I got no problem with it. I boleh paham.

But guess what?

For the thermostat, they put a 25 deg celcius as the center mark. Then, left and right, they put min and max. There is no blue or red mark to indicate if min means minimum temperature, i.e. coldest or maximum coldness like what I thought it is.


The clever folks at Proton seem to have their brains wired differently from mine, I suppose.

If you want the coldest temperature, your fan and your thermostat knobs go into different directions.

KNN, for so many times, I had to try for several minutes to gauge if I should put to MAX or MIN. Usually these are under the hot sun and I wasn’t sure because if the fan is turned all the way to right to get full blast, surely the same clockwise direction applies for the thermostat, right?

Ish…another ‘the Proton Persona’ is too good for me rant. The other thing I hate about Proton Persona is the boot. It is like a huge paper cutter. There is no handle for you to hold it and when it is slammed shut, it went all the way ‘PHAMMMM!’ Damn scary, I tell you. If you have little kids, always remind them to stay away from the boot or risk getting their fingers chopped off.

Now that I had blogged this,I hope I remember that I need MIN temperature.

46 thoughts on “Proton Persona pelik-pelik aircond knobs

  1. Memang pelik! But if 25 degrees is in the middle, I guess turning it to the left means lower temperature ratings = colder. Korek ar? But the 25 degrees figure there also bullshit one lah. Can maintain constant 25 in the interior compartment meh?

    But they could have made it more user friendly than trying to be different. Maybe the Chief Designer was trying to build a car for himself, his vision limited mah. You think like me meh, went to Oxford at 12. (Bryan, shaddup!!).

    Before your commentators flame me, please remind them I hold a double degree in Electronic and Automobile Engineering. Played with cars when Ayrton Senna was still alive and the best F1 driver ever.

  2. terence – So it is not my brains stupiak right? If want to turn to coldest, should at least both thermostat and fan go in same clockwise direction mahhh…why lah, satu kiri, satu kanan.

    Eh, you two Lohs hor…sama-sama hari worrr. Yay! I got no boss ledi! *hint hint*

  3. Eh, I been driving my bro’s car for a while now, and it’s a Honda Accord Euro. Pretty much the same gauges, and I think it’s quite user UNfriendly too. Nowadays ppl make car like making planes for pilot lah, so many stuff need to know.

  4. Hahahaa…

    What to expect-la… Like chinese people say, you pay 1 price 1 quality.

    Anyway, I’d guess their overseas customers will also be confused with this kind of standard on their thermostat. And mind you, their cars have both “heater” and “cooler” too. (^^)

  5. Hi Lilian,
    By the way the knobs are configured (i.e. with the 25 degrees sign in the middle), it’s kind of safe to assume that MAX means maximum temperature. Haha…I think it’s just the way I’m wired. I would feel wired if it’s written 25 in the middle and then coldest at MAX.

    And to terence (not trying to flame), correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought the 25 degrees indicator is meant to indicate that you wish the air conditioner to blast out its air at 25 degrees celcius – as opposed to guaranteeing the temperature of the car interior?

    And no, I don’t love the Persona. In fact, I dislike the use of knobs in the car. In any car for that matter. Why can’t they design it with buttons instead? I just think knobs are…just uncool and ugly.

  6. eh…there’s the 25deg Celsius there…min…means minimum temperature lah……which means less than 25C……max means above 25C….

  7. The designer should be send back to school to learn practical deign 101.

    If doesn’t matter where the bugger designer copy the idea from, it is plain STUPIDITY to to make a temperature knob with 25 degree Celsius in middle, especially in country like Malaysia.

    WTH you want air conditioner to blow air hotter than 25 degree Celcius? Even in cold country during winter, you don’t need to heat up the temperature above 25C. You are driving a car, not a sauna room.

  8. Lilian, I feel you. Im an owner also and its OK that you comment on Proton’s design on the air-cond knobs. It took me about 5 days to figure out whether the Max is the coldest or the Min…

    Logically, if 25 degrees is in the centre, then the min would be the coldest rite? Then one day I realised why my air con was so cold. Last week was very rainy and the knob was at the Min.. so u say la.. damn 9 cold!~ Then i turn to almost Max then only felt not so cold.

    SIGH.. what to do. Proton still got a long way to go in terms of design, interior and exterior. Lucky the Gen2 is not too ugly compared to the Arena or Juara, or maybe Savvy, or else, the Persona will be ugly too since its based on Gen2 looks. ๐Ÿ˜›

    But then, Proton have improved in terms of build quality for the Persona. What do you think?

  9. moo_t got the point! Why do we in Malaysia need the temperature be more than 25C in the car? Our climate not hot enough kah?

  10. isnt this interesting. they said they did extensive research to come out with this design, which of cos… just by adding a tail to Gen2. now, i think u just found another element of their ‘extensive research’.

  11. Malaysian cars are always like that, not only Proton, P2 has its share as well.
    Sometimes I tend to think that the designers tend to design base on what suits them best and not user friendliness. Perhaps Proton should start doing survey and start testing their car on Malaysian roads and design a car that suits Malaysian drivers instead of copying or borrowing some unfriendly designs from other marques.

    I think they need to get back to the drawing board and look at how things can be improved, probably with the Persona Replacement Model in another 5 or 7 years time.

  12. Wah seems like according to the knob you guys get heater and aircon as well. LOL. Malaysia expecting snow ar???

  13. All of us also kena this during our media preview… we were wondering yish, Proton has to get something wrong all the time, this time they picked cacat aircond supplier… and it was a very hot day. Luckily we realised a few minutes later that the air cond knob was terbalik. Not intuitive ler.

  14. proton sambung the gen2’s bontot, improve the design and make the car looks much longer to become persona… How come the price is lower??? well think about the quality then.. no wonder why they have the crazy shitty knobs and boots…

  15. Come on Malaysians. You are commenting on a national car that is selling at less than RM60k. Of course, you won’t get something equivalent to VIOS or Honda City but with that kind of price, I think Persona has begun to match those 2 Japs cars, seriously. I bought a H-Line model and it is my second car. Overall, I’m quite happy with it. The engine is very quite, the interior is better than other Proton models, the handling was fantastic, and it comes with ABS, EBD and airbags. Maintenance is on every 10,000km so under normal driving condition, you only send the car for maintenance twice a year. I also had this perception problem with Proton before – quality is poor, no safety, sluggish, etc. But now, I begin to accept the fact that Proton has shown improvement. Even though not 100%, they are now I think, at 80% already – Guys, Proton did not pay me a single cent for this okay. This is what I feel…

    Blog owner asks : Are you saying that poor people like me have no rights to make complaints? Bugger off, who ask for your opinions?

  16. Proton is not our 100% national car, still using other cars maker parts.
    We all know that Proton prevent Perodua from selling car more than 1,300 cc. People had no choice other than to buy Proton. Japan engine is far better than Europe engine. A lots of people in Europe also prefer to buy Japan cars. Japan Daihatsu’s join venture group, Perodua has designed engine to be more powerful i.e. 1.3 litre DVVT that combines high power with low fuel consumption. If Perodua sell 1.5 cars Im sure nobody will buy Proton.
    I’m not Perodua user, I just got my own motorbike. If I got money then I would buy Perodua. I like the old Proton coz that time they got Mitsubishi engine e.g Wira, Perdana & Waja (lama)…

  17. no offence guys ๐Ÿ™‚

    the temperature knob gave my 57 years old headache too. but then i told him to look carefully what is stated on the knob. if 25 C is at the middle, low 25 C, it’s just simple logic though.

    don’t simply believe things that you heard off.

    couldn’t time changes a person, could it?

  18. no offence guys ๐Ÿ™‚

    the temperature knob gave my 57 years old headache too. but then i told him to look carefully what is stated on the knob.
    if 25 C is at the middle,
    low means lesser than 25 C, and max means greater than 25 C,
    it’s just simple logic though.

    don’t simply believe things that you heard off.

    couldn’t time changes a person, could it?

  19. Well, doesn’t matter hows the car looks like, no matter what type or brand name, no matter how expensive is it, they are all can caught in traffic jam,
    our government should think of the way how to improve our road & traffic system to reduce the congestion, not suppose to just think on how to promote and attract ppl to buy national car or whatever car lah… kereta sudah manyak tatau mana mau parking lorr, beli kereta mahalยฒ tapi jam juga buat apa??? naik moto lagi baik maaaa… hahaha..

  20. About this knob thing…. common la.. u all sound like kindergarden kid! pls go back to basic to understand what it is max and min means. Nothing wrong with their design.

    Please grow up la!

  21. i think persona better than any proton model right now…suitable with price and car lorr..

  22. its a very good car..ive tested it…try to drift but fail (no skill he he he) very fast (dont tell the police 240kmph after removing safeties)

    but the 25 degrees should go…its silly….

    although the 25 were meant as a control temperature….and by instict i always turn any knobe clock wise to make it colder. he he he

  23. its simple, there should be two knobs to control air conditioning. one for the blower and the other is for compressor (if u r a engineering student la.. u should know) the mistake is that there put temperature as the indicator(that should confuse many consumer, such u) when u off the compressor knob,means set it into minmum,then u just get moving air into your car..just like fan.compressor is used to compress refrigerant so u get chill air into your car. that the basic.there is no such much problem about the car instead of harga nya yg mahal compare with other outside car.. thet’s all.this is because we has expensive production due to problem in manufacturing..

  24. i m also the owner of persona, one more unsatisfied design is the time display.. so kedekut.. it place only the driver can see.. apela.. agree or not.. what else can i say, i already bought it.. hahaha..

  25. be careful about the door auto lock.. there was one case happen to my friend.. he start the engine and go outside close the door, and then suddenly the door was locking.. thank god.. he have a spare key.. there was problem with the auto lock.. be careful..

  26. “be careful about the door auto lock.. there was one case happen to my friend.. he start the engine and go outside close the door, and then suddenly the door was locking.. thank god.. he have a spare key.. there was problem with the auto lock.. be careful..”

    yeah, same with my family’s toyota avanza..very irritating indeed.

  27. After reading all the blogs here on Persona, I wonder why you Malaysians buy the Persona only to complain and condemn the car. I am a proud owner of the Persona and I find it very good for the price you pay compared to the other make.

    In the very first place, why don’t you scout around and make comparison before buying the car? Why not take a test drive before deciding? You all make it look like Malaysian cars are like crap. I see it that you are like traitors and you people who bought and use Persona and later to condemn are worst drivers than compared to the car. You HAD THE CHOICE AND YOU CHOSE PERSONA. Nobody forced you to buy it and later to condemn it. If you are smart, build it yourself or buy a car of another make. You have the choice to live with it or sell it and buy another BLOODY car. Wake up and see yourself before condemning the car. You DON’T Deserve the car and the car don’t deserve an owner like you.

  28. Wah….bravo, I just managed to piss another Persona owner. Persona is crap, Persona is lousy, Persona owners are rabid like Dominic . Persona bad bad bad….


  29. Yes, as you say it, Persona is bad just like the idiot who bought a Persona only to complain and condemn it. Sad to know there are lots of idiots like Lilian who dare not use HIS name but instead use a woman’s name. What a bloody sick man who sticks his bloody tail between his leg and hide behind a bloody woman’s name. Grow up and be a man, cowardice! You don’t piss me but yourself. I bought the Persona and ma happy about it but you are fucking suffering for buying a car you hate and condemn. The joke is on you ….. like Bee Gees sang.

  30. Duh. OF course u can buy some thing n then have the pleasure to condemn it! Whether it’s a steel box on wheels, shampoo or even your daily nasi lemak. And this is not a Malaysian trait.

    The British love to condemn their beloved country (except that foreigners can’t do it).

    Curious thing, I don’t how he got the “inspiration” to bravely conclude that you have a dick! Didn’t you blog about that awhile back? That you are so thankful you don’t have one.

  31. try u close the back hood slowly,u got a nice sound…TUP…and guess,is lock

  32. Hi guys… i heard u all are complaining about Persona, and guess what – I’m complaining about mine. Just got my Persona last March (13th March to be exact) and this one problem occurred since day 1 – when I drove through a bumpy and uneven road & whenever I drove thru a corner, I could hear a broken-metal sound coming from the front right hand side bottom of the car. Anybody got this kind of problem ? Kindly, please share as i urgently need to find a solution fast because the sound is getting louder – even those guys at Proton Edar also puzzled – they already run out of solution.

  33. Saya dan 2 kawan telah membeli 3 Persona. Malangnya kesemua kereta tersebut menghadapi masalah yang sama iaitu bunyi ‘tape pad engine’ yang kuat samada waktu mula panaskan engine atau selepas engine running. Bunyi ‘tape pad’ ini diakui oleh formen sebagai satu masalah major Proton Persona.
    Adakah sesiapa yang tahu bagaimana untuk menjadikannya tidak berbunyi dengan kuat. Proton Servis minta saya hantar ke Glenmarie tetapi ianya ambil masa untuk dicheck! Proton V6 dan Wira yang digunakan isteri dan anak saya tidak hadapi masalah ini dan malang sekali kereta yang baru berusia 6 bulan menghadapai masalah ini.Any idea?

  34. What is the “minimum” temperature and the “maximum” temperature on the Persona? Why don’t Proton’s designers learn from the domestic air-conditioner suppliers where their remote controller actually indicate the lowest is 16C and highest is 25C or more? Something which the average consumers are already accustomed to at home or in the workplace with AC.

  35. temperature rise meanse hot , temperature down menas cold correct wat what problem??? Fuel gauge E means Enough , F means Finish do you thing like this ? If yes you are correct also โ€ฆ come on we use our common sence to drive our car lah don’t act smart and clever to comment others yo can snap picture of fuel gauge and post it to complaint the E=enaugh F=finish ….

  36. haha i read all the comment just now. some were asking for q.. ok because negitiating for help. some were complaining like an old woman……. some do not agree with the complaints because he realize it is too late too complaints..
    but people buy that car for reason.. nevermind proton pon proton la atleast murah n 1.6. some were having over expectation n expect the best without study or try it first.. not even peek at the interior before buying.. what they know is.. why kena turn left meh? hahah so funny colorfur life story..

    so all in all, proton gives us a story to share regardless of complaints or disagreement. but one common all of you have bought the car n like the exterior design

    look can be deceiving. reflect back on the people who comments.. you can include me too… the blog writer as well…


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