11 years ago…

I was still working. Life was one crazy schedule. Each morning, hubby would dropped the eldest son at Primary One while I had to drag a reluctant four years old to kindie. I was always, always late. There was once, I even forgot to wear a bra! And now that I recalled, there were mornings when my sons (i.e. after the #1 and #2 were already in school) would forgot their school bags or school shoes.

If we forgot the shoes, we would drop by this tiny sundry shop opposite Chung Ling High School to buy a new pair. God bless the old man and old lady for opening their shop at 6.30 am! But there were a few times when #1 forgot his school bag. *roll eyes* I would need to drive at breakneck speed after I dropped him at school without a bag to return home to fetch it.

Rewind back a bit, at that time, we had three kids, three locations to drop them and hubby and I worked at different location. He worked in Kulim, I worked in town and we stayed in Sungai Ara. I don’t know how we survived those crazy morning rush. And thank God the worst casualties we had was forgotten bag, shoes or bra.

After one and a half years of that, I gave up and became full time mom.

Rewind back to 1996, November 28th!

Oh fark! I forgot our wedding anniversary on Nov 25th! I mean this minute on November 28th 2007 at 12.52 am as I am posting this

*woke hubby up and gave him a kiss as belated wish and smacked his butt for forgetting as well* (my 2006 wedding anniversary post and gee, I didn’t do too bad on November 25th 2007 cos lol I cooked nasi lemak again? Cos I damn lemak mah.)

Never mind, this post is about my #3’s birth. We can celebrate the wedding anniversary (use fingers toes and hairs to count 2007-1988 = ? years?) with the birthday. Don’t anyone wish me! Ish, ish, ish. Niamah, how can I forgot to bluff some expensive present from the old man? Cis, missed the chance liao, must wait next year.

Back to birth story. I had contractions as early at 9 pm on 27th Nov. By midnight, I knew I had to beranak because the contractions was 15 minutes apart. I phoned my second sister with intentions to ask her to come to my house to take care of my already sleeping older two kids. Line not working. (cos YL misplaced the phone on its hook, no mobile back then) I called my eldest sister but phone ringing and no one answered.

So, I thought – Never mind, I kasi tunggu till early morning baru bring my children to their house. Manatau by 3 am, my contractions was 10minutes apart. Boh pien, we packed the two older kids into the car. 6 years old and 4 years old. We live in Sungai Ara which is far, far away from Adventist in Burmah Road.

Bee poo, bee poo, bee poo….suddenly, my contractions was five minutes apart! The two kids were excited and asked a lot of questions. I answered then, “CHUP” wait for contractions over and continue answers. Five minutes apart means very, very close to delivery already. The pain is enough to make me shivers. But in real life, not so drama like those stupid shits movie show you.

The traffic lights were all red! At first, we skipped a few but then, we dare not take risks so we waited out. By the time I got to the hospital, the misi scolded me. “You think you very clever hor? Your third child and you only come so late? Lucky you never give birth in the car.”

They got me into the labour room, told hubby to bring the two annoying little kids back and tadaaa…I gave birth before hubby even reach home, I think. So, that’s my unglamorous birth story.


13 thoughts on “11 years ago…

  1. Sh*t, I forgot my anniversary too, which is on the same day as yours. Die loh, how can I be so forgetful?
    BTW, happy belated anniversary to you. šŸ˜›

  2. Wah! So kan cheong your story. I read it like chasing a plane. Your aura is definitely back. *Salute*

  3. forget your bra??? how come?. that’s the 1st thing to get hold of before leaving the house. but we ppl never forget the school stuffs. cos i have to help with hanging school bags on their shoulder to tying the shoe lace, LOLz, so manja. i understand your situation. i oso working & have to get the children ready to school & always reach office very late. i have to drive & my office is far far away from my house. haiyoo…. if can blog for money like you, i want to resign oso lah…. can relax like you. so admiring. but life wld be boring, i think, cos get used to the working life.

  4. First time leaving my message here although I have visited your site before. The post was funny, I laugh when you said your kids actually asked you questions on the car and the misi scold you very clever hor….. HAHA….

    oh yes…. we live in the same area šŸ™‚

  5. Yala that cilaka brother…must come out at such an ungodly hour meh? Make us rush oni…But wei, I thought got alot of green lights on the way only? You were in so much pain you went colour blind for a while kut?

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