Birthday boy

Clue : PW is the signature colour of 5xmom.


I got three chao ah bengs at home, all with blonde hairs.


‘Cos they discovered hair bleach** and had used three bottles, i.e. blonde, ahkua aqua silver and more blonde.

Of course I didn’t dye the four years old kid’s hair. Only the older three. Each time they cannot finish the hair dye, I had to use up the balance. Now, my hair is turning blonde too. *roll eyes*

San Marcos cake

San Marcos cake. Not sure what it is but has a nice caramel sugar on top.

(**hair bleach is also like hair dye but it is much stronger and the colour will be much brighter. My sons bought the Gatsby one. I reminded them that if they go bald or got cancer next time, I am not responsible because they insist to fool around with dyeing their hair just for fun. LOL)

8 thoughts on “Birthday boy

  1. Real Chao Ah Bengs uses bleach ONLY. Bleach like in Clorox. Bwahahaha!!!

    Anyway, Happy Birthday!!!!

  2. Give chance skit lar…let your three chao ah bengs enjoy their ah bengs moment first…if not, when school starts again, they don’t get to have fun anymore.

    Happy birthday, #3! šŸ™‚

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