So, I forgot about my wedding anniversary. The 19th wedding anniversary on 25th November. To make up for it and to celebrate my #3’s birthday, we went to Revolting. Nay, that turn turn boofay lestaunt where the floor and the buffet will run away from you? (Revolving at City Bayview Hotel, Georgetown Penang) It’s the birthday boy’s choice cos there is nothing more thrilling than to turn 360 deg every one hour.

I become the mangsa kamera.


My spanking new Sony P1i cun leh? Got fire wan. Damn, it is so nice to have unlimited broadband. I can check my blog got how many comments liao….every five minutes. (eh, when I use Opera, I cannot comment wan, no submit button. Sony P1 user, can check and see you have same problem with me?)


So, I thought, 19th wedding anniversary…..must take hiao-hiao, super lovey-dovey photos so that next time can show my great-great-great grandchewrens how great-great-great grand papa and grand 5xmom look like. But you think got four kids running around, got such chance meh? What romance, what cupid all also lari lintang pukang liao.


Posing punya posing, cilakak #1 pulak spoil the super-lovey-dovey pose lagi. Ish!


And finally, a photo we took as a family. We placed the camera on top of a glass of water and use timer. Notice how bushy all my sons’ eyebrows are? Got them from us lor. For males, ok lah. It is very good ‘face fortune’ symbol. For me, sei ler, time for me to go pluck eyebrows again.

The other day my #2 asked me. “Eh, I thought you always pixelate papa’s face out of your blog? Why now no more anon?” Why? ‘Cos he is no longer attached to Ericsson so I am not afraid of that random Ericsson’s employee reading my blog anymore.

So, faster wish me another 190 years of happy marriage and happy family lah!

32 thoughts on “Family

  1. Happy 19th anniversary to 5xmom! May you have many many happy marriage life together with ur laokong and ur 4 sons! The family pic looks awesome! =D

  2. Wishing u many more happy anniversaries. What is it like to be surrounded by so many “en tao baas” day in day out?

  3. samm – Yahor, dunno got ex-bfs go suicide Komtar for not marrying me or not hor? Hahaha.

    jen – Wuah, lengjais kah? My kids read liao, sure hepi lor. Thank you.

  4. Do you know that you were featured on PayPayPost today under “meet our bloggers?” Nevermind about the PR-lah, PPP still recognize your reputation.

    Happy 19th Anniversary and many more. It’s good to be able to spend time with your family and celebrate. I wish I can also do that.

    Your kids are so lucky to have a camera each.

    Have a great day!

  5. happy anniversary to you & yr atm!

    yr family photo looks great……..i esp wana comment in that piece of photo yr toddler looked like the mould/’acuan’ of his dad !!!

  6. Happy Anniversary to you and your oi yan. šŸ˜‰
    Both of you have similiar looks, all the handsome kids have fair mix of looks from 2 of you. šŸ™‚

    Time to pluck and count my eyebrow hair too….. šŸ˜

  7. ok. ok. I am bit slow but never too late to wish you Happy 19th Anniversary mah, rite? I agree with you, with the kids around apa cupid also cabut liau. See them also scare liau. Hahaha…… that is why, I and Lawrence normally put the kids over at my place if we want to celebrate any anniversary. Very bad of us hor?

  8. What a blessed family thanks for all the happiness you and your family bring to everyone!

  9. Welcome! Hahahaa..ya, saw ur ping entry in just as I was ping-ing mine there. So, quickly click to see wats new from 5xmom lo! lolz…

    btw, u mind if i add ur link to my blog? thanks…

  10. annna – Tenkiu

    terence – Say lah loud-loud – ALL LOHS ARE HENSEM, especially terence?

    fashionasia – Ya lor, they are bonded like glue now.

    raymond – tks

    missironic – PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, link me. I am desperate! Right now, I have no blogroll cos I hide it cos I sked kena smack. Later when I put it back, I link you too.

    lingzie – LOL don’t wan 200 years

  11. First of all, and probably most importantly – Happy Anniversary…

    However, the reason I chanced upon your blog is I was looking for information about the Sony Ericsson which I also recently started using. If only we could have unlimited bandwidth in South Africa! At the moment that is but a dream…

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