I almost got chance to be with Eric Tsang

Added : 19 February 2008 – It is with sadness to note that Fei Jeh or Sum Tin Har or Lydia Shum has passed away at 10.00 am. You can read the news of her death over here on the RIP Lydia Shum.

Kanasai! What’s so attractive about a short, duck voice, fugly star ah? But he has his attraction and so many people were crowding around him.

Before I go on, Eric Tsang and my Chan is the same Chan in Mandarin so kahkilang mah.

I was shopping at Gurney Plaza today and passed by these huge crowds. Being the sei8poh that I am, we head for the crowd and notice it is a new donut shop opening there.

Penang people being Penang people, got free donuts so hampalang ahtu, ahkau, ahgu, ahhua (flower), ah kee (twigs) ah heok (leaves) and of course, Ah Lian (like me) fast fast go grab one lor. FREE WAN YOU KNOWWWWW


And since Eric Tsang is like five feet zero, we do not know WTF people are scrambling for. So many were holding their DSLR high high and clicking away. I also took out the Pentax M20 and follow the same lah. I thought if I am five feet six inches and with my hand held up high, it will be like six feet high already.

Skali I lifted up my hand, maybe the lansi DSLR owners hampalang pengsan from bau ketiak mah. But ish, no such chance.

This is the only photo I took of Eric Tsang.


LOL, I also dunno simiklanjiao I got. Like this how to earn a living as a paparazzi? Cannot even get a photo of Eric Tsang’s bald head.


And this is the free Missy Donut which my kid got. I find it not bad lor and they are all very pretty. But my kid took one bite and ‘ptui, so sour!’ I guess he doesn’t like the jelly piping. Or maybe he is used to my handmade homemade donuts.

Sad! I missed the chance to show my face to Eric Tsang. Who knows…..they may be looking for a replacement for beloved Fei Cheh (Sum Tin Har) and I may fit in the role perfectly. Correct or not? Then, I don’t have to work so hard to write post after post to entertain you guys who are so lansi, don’t give comments wan. I go TVB and become host there.

**Missy Donut, Gurney Plaza, Penang, Malaysia is the first outlet in Malaysia.

(yayaya, SEO mia pasal)

16 thoughts on “I almost got chance to be with Eric Tsang

  1. yala, where got lansi. Now ppls are crazy about Doughnut, there is a J Co Doughnut at Pavillion, the q is so long!

  2. terence – Tiu. See lah, say I don’t watch enough TV. You lagi jialat, Eric Tsang you also don’t know who. But Samy Blue much more handsome lah, somemore Samy Blue got kemaluan besar…iLike. LOL.

    slowcatchupkuan – Dor jeh, mm ngoi. Hahaha.

  3. gosh lilian you are fast!!! i was in gurney for lunch today and was so excited that missy donut finally opened!! i wanted to go buy some and do a food review but they said they will only be selling to the public after the opening ceremony, after 3pm… so i was planning to go again tonite to get some… they didnt even tell me they were giving out free donuts!!!

  4. Hi 5xmom ..

    Hey I am also Chan and written the same as Eric Tsang in Chinese which means .. Ka ki Lang also … wooohoooo *hahaha, anyhow find relative on the net, but it means we were somehow related maybe years ago dunno how many lifetimes ago … keke*

    The Donut Craze is mad in SG too .. long queues ebery where…


  5. free donut oh? i just went sunway pyramid today and they were giving out free donuts also… but not missy, i think it’s J.Co, am i correct ah?

  6. i suppose to go gurney today but end up didn’t go. if not, maybe can see him also. i went to Queensbay instead. My FM DJs are there, having the live show.

  7. Don’t care Missy Donut or J.Co Donut or ahkau ah mau donut..I still like my DUNKIN DONUT. Haven’t tried yours la..cannot say anything. But seeing that your kids love it. Must be good la heh. :p

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