Things I cannot stand about other bloggers

Ok, ok, life is a little boring. Moreover it is the weekend and it will be even more boring. So, let me stir shit a bit, can?

What I cannot stand about other bloggers :

*climbs up on moral high horse first*

They got nothing interesting in their life to share. So, they have no post. But they are afraid of their handful of readers running away . So, they will ultimately come up with lame posts like ;

a) Sorry I have not been updating as there are too many things to deal with right now.

b) Sorry I have not been blog hopping because I am (insert any fake and perceived interesting stuffs they are doing).

c) I am sorry I have not been posting and visiting your blog, LOL.

Please lah, don’t pollute the internet, can?

Well….I rarely can find nothing to write. Even when I have nothing to write, I still can write. And if my posts are getting lame, I won’t need to apologise. Not that you (yes, you who are reading this) pays me anything to post so if I don’t write anything to tickle you, who cares lah.

And I definitely in all my blogging life, have never said, “Sorry I had been busy and did not drop by your blog.” Seriously….do you give a shit if I go by? Do you seriously think I should drop a comment every farking time I drop by?

Now, go hang your head in shame if you have committed the above mistakes of apologising. That just shows how noob you are. It’s your blog, do what you like with it. Stop feeling like people are hard up for you to drop by and stop thinking people cares if you comment. And please lah, no one gives a fark if you stop posting a new post for a week. The world is a huge, you are not the center of it. Get real, will you?

So, are you the signal or the noise of the blogsphere?

And have a good weekend!

*search for knight in shining armor to save me from getting kick off moral high horse*

14 thoughts on “Things I cannot stand about other bloggers

  1. Tiu lah, like they pay for my hosting or wat. Nothing to write thenn write nothing to write lah, hoh. I’m pro at that, haha. Apo;ogize my ass

  2. My mission is to blog a post a week. Cannot ar?

    All I want for Christmas……….. lalalala

  3. #2 – Hoi, pigi mandi and packing lah!

    terence – I not talking about you lah. Perasan nyerrr. Unless you make one decent post per week and then, make 6 other lame posts to apologise ‘sorry I had been busy and have not drop by your blog and leave a stupid comment like I always do….’

    erin – LOL, you just did that?

    samm – Yalor, not like we are charging pay per read hor?

    raymond – Your post soooo long, where got same lah.

  4. Ok, i tink i half guilty of tat..lolz..but i only say it when my kawan kawan asked wat happen to me? long time no blog? other than tat..i noe no one will care i missing or not in blogsphere! lolz…u’re right..the world is big..not many will bother u blog an entry or not..haahahhaa…

  5. Alamak… Sounds like me. šŸ™

    What to do… Work calls and I have to avert crisis nearly everyday.

    Oh well… My commitment is usually twice a week. And if I can’t commit, just say sorry-lo. But I don’t try to put up 8 posts to apologize. Once enough mah. At least I’m being honest. šŸ˜›

  6. Dear 5Xmom,

    I’m so sorry that I haven’t been visiting your blog for some time. I’m so sorry that I haven’t been commenting as much as I used to. You know, I really want to do it but I’ve been so tied up. That’s why I wanted you to know that I’m also sorry for not posting any blog post recently but I will, as soon as I can, I promise.


    Psst. can’t agree with you more. I don’t do apologies like the above. Hey, you forgot, what about “I’m sorry for filling my blog with sponsored posts.”

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