As an ex-executive secretary, I was trained to detect carry balls people and genuine compliments. I can sniff a ball carrier from another country, what more within our own country. You know, when I was working, my dear boss would meet up with all those top guns (like Rafidah, Sami Bulu, our ex-DPM, current PM who was then a Min. in the PM’s office, Datuk JJ etc etc) because my ex-company supplies all the cables and wires that power our nation and also link our country’s telecommunication lines.

So, looking at people carrying balls is just another day in the life of an under-worked, over paid secretary back then. All are done with intentions to gain something. My ex-boss carried balls, I carried balls, we all carried balls.

But when it comes from politicians trying to pull wools over our eyes, then, it is worth ranting. Like this MCA chief referring to our PM as the saviour of Chinese schools.

Puhleezzz…..spare me from such corny terms. Saviour? Say what? Apa itu saviour?

Say ka’chng I know lah. Say lampah I also know. (say = hokkien for washing, ka’chng is ass) Saviour, konon.

(you need to pronounce sayviour loud enough to get the meaning)

And yayayaya, we know you are listening. No need to repeat and elaborate that much. Listen only mah….I also can lah. Then explain how come there are murders and killings going around like we are a lawless country? Nurse shot point blank? Politician son’s stabbed to death? Etc etc?