Not suitable for the atheists

*hands out floats for those who can’t swim ‘cos deep, deep profound post (aka boring one) coming. XXXL one*

I found this old post on Advent which I wrote last year. We call the four weeks before Christmas the season of Advent. I read through my old post and noted that last year, there was this SMS rumour going around that the sailor Datuk Azhar was going to be baptised as a Catholic in the church in Silibin, Ipoh. I wonder if you guys still remember the ugly scene where people protested outside the church? It was just a fake SMS and at that time, the church’s 9 years old kids were actually celebrating their first Holy Communion. Kinda stupid, now that I look back at how people are so fearful of things.

Fast forward, this year, it is the season of Advent again. The three purple candles and one pink candle are on the altar. Week by week, the priest will light one purple candle and on the third week, the pink candle will be lighted to mark Gaudette. Rejoice.

(photo from last year Advent)


Something struck me just now when I was sitting there, trying to pray. Yayaya, trying to pray. I realize that we cannot rely on faith alone in our life. Actually, I notice someone whom has been known to be loaded with problems. She relied very heavily on faith and even when things are very bad for her, she will have that forlorn, sad, torn and broken looks on her face and said something like she will keep praying.


I think we are not giving God enough credit if we keep pushing the buck to Him. I think, if I am God, I would want my subjects to be tougher, smarter, cunning and innovative instead of keeping pushing the responsibilities to ‘I shall leave it in God’s hands.’


I don’t know, I just feel very sure that is how God would want me to do. Then again, I am probably one of the few blessed people who have very little worries even when times are very tough. Like for example, two months ago, my dear hubby wasn’t working and to us, i.e. my kids, hubby and I, we see it as an opportunity to enjoy life to the max because he has so much time to spend with us. But to his siblings, it was like end of the world and they called a few times to keep asking if he has a job already. Doh!

As far as I am concerned, God will give us our daily bread and when the right time comes, hubby will get back to work (and leave me in peace to attend to my blogs). And no, I don’t pray and pray and pray and ask and ask and ask God to give him work. LOL, I only ask Jesus to grant me patience to stand his ‘auditing’ of my stuffs at home. LOL. Si beh tahan to have this man checking all the stuffs in my fridge for their expiry dates. *roll eyes*

purple bauble

I think that’s the difference between a person in Christ and a person (the inlaws lah) who needs to rely on their own navigation. But there is another extreme to us human, and that’s the one where they die-die rely on God and failed to see the lighter side of life and take control of their own life.


Meanwhile, I read in our Catholic weekly paper about the movie The Golden Compass and this fellow by the name of Tim Peters was making a loud call to parents not to allow their children to watch the movie because it has dark elements to influence them to become atheists. Mr. Tim here said it will corrupt their minds. Though I was in church, I was like, WTF! Face it, every single day, every single thing challenge us parents in bringing up our children. How long can we shield our children that way? Let’s take the bull by the horn and talk with our children about it instead of running away? “Let’s go, kids! We watch together gather and mommy will teach you about faith instead of being fearful.”


So yeah, I guess that’s the message for the season. Chill it, trust God but don’t order Him too much to do stuffs for you. You got your own brains and limbs, go handle it yourself.

10 thoughts on “Not suitable for the atheists

  1. Ahhhh…

    Yes.. I can smell that Advent is in the air. This year, I must do all that I plan to do.

    Praying to God is good. But don’t expect Him to solve all your problems. Remember Bruce Almighty? I watched Evan Almighty recently and the message there was very meaningful. I can’t believe that our govt wanted to ban it without even seeing it. The message was universal. 🙂

    Anyway, will not talk about this because I plan to blog sikit about the message also. Kakaka

  2. Chewxy – Don’t spam my comment box, can? This post has no relations at all with the Pope. So, don’t use my blog as your crusade platform. If you have read what I had written, you won’t be leaving this.

    angie – I just love the purple and pink candles. LOL.

  3. I agreed that we should always try out best first to solve a problem before going to God.

    On the other hand, I don’t agree on people who thanks God for everything. For example my friend worked very hard for her exam, and when she got good result, she said it was God who gave her good result, not her hard work. I personally don’t think God would give her good result if she hadn’t worked hard on it.

  4. Yea.. Basically, whatever we ask from God, we ourselves will have to do our best 1st before passing on things to Him.

    Things in the natural has to be done by us and God will settle the supernatural. We do our part, He will do His.

    When we work, God rests. When we rest, God works.

    Yours sincerely,

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