Ultra spicy hot

I am so, so, so hepi my loukong went back to work today. Not because of what but because I don’t have one neat freak hovering around me at home. Yayaya, I love my loukong but I don’t necessary have to like him, you know? Love doesn’t need reasons. But to like a person, you have to discern. I hate him washing the dishes whenever there are dishes there. I hate him folding the clothes when there are fresh batch. I hate him checking my two refrigerators for expired goods or potatoes trees or wimpy cabbages. See? It is alright to hate wannnn.

So woo hoo! I have the home all to myself. No one to keep an eye on me. I can not not bathing till noon if I want to.

And we can order McDonalds home delivery. Yay! Double Cheeseburger!

double cheeseburger

Best nyer!!! No need to drive out and face the hot sun. (because my loukong said his petrol costs less than RM3 if he rides a bike) Just 1300-13-1300 and gaotim.

ultra spicy hot taiwan sausages

I am so happy, I decided to treat myself to this super, ultra hot and spicy Taiwan sausage. It is so hot, I can feel the heat smouldering…melting my Boney M hair. Then, the heat spreads to the ears and then numb the mouth. Woo hoo! No health inspector at home, nice!

braised chicken feet

I am so happy I also treated myself to chicken feet. Any foot fetish reading this? Suck the little toes, spit out the tiny bones, suck the bigger bones and feel the gelatinous skin. Woo hoo! No more fridge auditor, nice!

But the blek thing is I have to fetch the kids. Then again, my #1 can drive us all instead. And the other blek is I have to entertain my #5 by playing teacher. Urrggh….Niamah, four years old already want to argue with me. He said, “Mommy, why you write number nine like letter P? It is wrong!” Tiu, how to tahan him for the whole of next year? *swt*

And hor, The Obnoxious 5xmom remains the champion! Yay! My blogs ranked #13, #27 (malaysiabest) and #39 (some spammy women blog of mine). #13 is way above some of the the politicians’ blogs. Who wants to buy me out? Lim Kit Siang (4) , Anwar (14) , Jeff Ooi (16) – Who wants to pay me to blog for your party? Kehkehkeh. The result is here.

14 thoughts on “Ultra spicy hot

  1. Just a question, 5xmom..Ur laokong wont read ur blog ah? If he do read then saw u blog abt eating mcD, how? Lolz…Ok, sorry..I asked 2 questions..Hahahhaa…U made me want to eat double cheeseburger for my lunch tomolo la. Lolz…Btw, the taiwan sausage looks very sedap. But my mummy dun let me eat tat..she said no good, got lots of chemical. But i curik curik makan also! How can i not taste it at all, rite? šŸ˜› Congrats on ur rankings!

  2. i tried once on the taiwan sausage super hot spicy one….. really chi kek….. hot until like what u said…… i need to drink so much water after eating it.

  3. I tell u hor. Melaka spicy taiwan sausage is the most powerful one. So hot and spicy until cannot eat. Ppl here bet money one. If u can eat 2, RM2k is yours and I will top up ringgit to ringgit.

    There was this story that one ‘ah beng’ took up the challenge. Masuk hospital.

    Try it out at the Newton Food Court (old one).

  4. agnes – Tenkiu and yummy

    terence – PENANG IS HOTTEST. Faster say soli.

    mendee – McD now delivers 24 hrs, 1300-13-1300….

    (OI, terence, faster go ask McD kasi free coupons for the promo)

    allenooi – Ya, the mouth numb until need to eat icecream to cool down.

    missironic – Nowadays eat what also faster die wan, so might as well enjoy and die faster lor.

  5. lolz..true also..we all mmg need to die anyway…so, enjoy first before passing on, yea? lolz…im a malaccan but never hear got such interesting challenge happened in newton before…im really living under the coconut shell..even my hometown story also i dunno..lolz..:P

  6. waaaa the taiwan sausage looks really good. last time i used to buy from the golden seahorse hawker centre at tanjung bungah but now don’t have already…where did you buy it? very long din eat yummy taiwan sausage already…my favourite is the garlic one!! heeheehee

  7. Muahaahaha….

    The food looks good. Too bad, it is on my “ban” list as I have to jaga makan. Love the chicken feet. Hahaaha.. Not many people like to eat this because they are not sure how to eat it. Once they learn how to eat it, am sure they cannot stop. Hahaha.. šŸ˜†

  8. fuiyoh..damn nice wei..if i got a husband who dont let me eat my fave food,i also will kasi him some face.dont let him watch tv and his fave football..then same same lo.then he also will let u eat.lol..

    ur kid very the cute la..same same like my students.they ask me…

    “lao zi..lao zi..why u so ben de?kenot jiang hwa yue?”

    I damn paiseh wei..one more kid more sui..

    “teacher..teacher..why 1 + 1 = 2?kenot 3 ah?”


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