“Why you so likedat?”

You know hor, about my feelings for you? I simply beh tahan you and yet, when I hear your voice, I will fast-fast run and stand in front of the TV. Then, when you start babbling, I will also babble together. Sometimes, I wonder if I should go to Parliament and become what-what assemblywoman so that I can ‘pok chui’ (debate) with you in real life?

(eh, I am talking ‘with’ Mr. Sami Blue and gang lah)

I guess all of us have these pet peeves and though we dislike the person, we somemore wanna see and feel geram over it. It is like having an itch and not being able to scratch. So, we purposely find things to ease the itch. Pick people we dislike and then, have a good laugh over it.

(my #2 took this pic and he told me cows are dem stupid, just know how to eat grass, take their photos oso they keep chewing grass)

Maybe, that explains why I have good traffic at my blog. Who knows? 70% consist of those who purposely want to come and read eventhough they absolutely beh tahan me. (cannot stand me) Maybe they enjoy having something miserable, loathsome, disgusting, atrocious (cannot think of any other word ‘cos I no go skool so my Ingrish very limited) to make their day seems normal?

I make this conclusion because I also do read some humhai’s blogs just for kicks. Many of these are people who easily get mindfarked by me. And the best thing is they do not notice that they had been mindfarked. Fuyoh, I tell you hor, sometimes, I put up a post and then, tell a buddy, “Eh, you see ha….few days later, so & so will surely post something in retaliation.” And then, we will sit back and wait for that to happen.

So, tell me lah, why you so likedat? You don’t like me, go play far-far lor. What are you doing here, still reading and having all those thoughts in your mind?

Yayaya, I can read minds too. And I am even better in burrowing into yours. I am like the mad cow disease. I slowly eat away all your brain cells and then, one day, you realized, shit! The 5xmom has taken control of my mind!

9 thoughts on ““Why you so likedat?”

  1. hahaha, beh tahan about you but still come to read everyday. Get poison by you liao…… Like what u said, sooner or later will get controlled by you…. :p

  2. Hie lilian,

    Its been long time leave comment here…(but today I come because I want to promote my URL, ada cupcake di sebalik komen)
    I love ur new c’mas template.
    memang got feel!
    Oh ya…just to let u know that, I’m doing cupcakes for sell for this coming c’mas…its homemade!
    And this is the site
    Do come and visit ya…

    Kamsiah !!!


    (bold fonts added by 5xmom)

  3. Wuah, this fella dropped comments in many people’s blogs liao.
    Btw, I got sell kuih ta lam at Pulau Tikus market wan, do come and visit ya. :p

  4. Niamah! DOING cupcakes for SELL! Wah lau! Speaks like our misInformation Minister. KAKAKA!!!!

    I also wanna advertise a bit lah. I am Hensem, very Hensem, most Hensem!!

    Please visit my blog too!!!!

    *Niamah : My P1i turned into Japanese liao. Your fault lah!*

  5. chill..i can tahan with wtv u say..in fact shiok with wtv u wrote…
    sami blue and gang biasa la..damn bisa one..see his fake wig hanging there also know la..
    actually its not wig..according to some sources..he sew his skin fom the back to front to make his hair fuller..damn painful wei..like facelift but this one is hairlift.
    aiks..irrevelant with wtv u wrote..paiseh..i syok sendiri d..

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