Dear Cheong……

**Warning : This is a very private post.

I woke up with an ache this morning
I know we weren’t meant for each other
I shouldn’t have try
I know I should stay safe and keep away from playing with fire
But life was a bit boring lately
So, I took the leap

When I opened my eyes this morning, the ache was so great
I tried to sleep it off, hoping everything will go away
But it hurts
A lot
You are still very much inside me

I learnt my lesson
Next time I will stick to what is best for me
I will not attempt to play with fire anymore
I only got myself to blame for the pain I am enduring now

**Warning : From here very private because I don’t want everyone to know. If you are curious, you may proceed to the next post. The password is cheong. But I have timestamp for the post to be published at 3 pm today. So you have to wait…till 3pm.