Video – Most Wonderful Time of the Year – Christmas carolling

I am one year too late. Finally dug out all the videos I took of our church choir last year. I have been watching these videos and feel a tinge of nostalgia. Our choir master, Gerard Chan has gone to Singapore and our choir is just not quite the same this year. I think we only have half the number of members left. And without Gerard screaming and yelling and scolding and banging table, practices aren’t quite as fun. Of course, Julie still does a good job but we are less fearful of Julie so discipline is lacking and people don’t show up that often.

Who would have thought that I actually enjoy the tensions and stresses of being under the watchful eyes and ears of Gerard? He can hear a wrong squeak from across the church with his bionic ears. BTW, Gerard is a lawyer and used to be attached to Intel. 😛 But he is the most humble and nicest man ever, i.e. when he is not conducting. Otherwise, we have to put our best voice forward.

I am going to put up more videos in the next few days because many of my church members do read my blog. Though they sometimes didn’t know who is the one writing it. Kihkihkih…The above is the carolling at Rasa Sayang last Christmas in 2006. And don’t bother to look for my familiar face because I ran to the back to hide away from the flying insects that got into a few of the members’ mouth. LOL.

(and this Boney M’s video is to say I *HATE* you, (whoever label my hair Boney M), LOL, I am going to shave my head bald ‘cos the guy’s hair is sooooo freaky!)

3 thoughts on “Video – Most Wonderful Time of the Year – Christmas carolling

  1. Hello Lilian Cheh ,

    sounds like you are talking about me when you mentioned Boney M label leh…..?? wah , eat chili tau pedas nya… si pek spicy lah

    he he he Merry X’mas 2 u soon lah …

  2. eureka2day – Yalor, yalor, if not the voice cannot be projected far enough.

    lawrence – LOL, don’t perasan, not you, don’t worry.

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