Breakfast alone

Before I continue crapping, remember to grab that million ringgit chance, ok?

Tuan-tuan dan puan-puan sekalian, tajuk per-borak-an hari ini ialah ‘Eating alone’.

Penang Hokkien Prawn mee

Yesterday morning, I dropped my #2 son at Informatics. Meanwhile, my little one was sleeping soundly at home. I had brainwashed him the night before that I need to drop #2 and he will be accompanied by #1 when I am away.

So, after dropping #2 off, I suddenly feel a rush of independence! Merdeka. I got the car all to myself. I can listen to Shazmin on the radio. (except that I do not know what’s her channel and I couldn’t find the freaking button on my Persona) I can turn up the volume to the max and listen to the corny 80s songs without some teens at the back screaming, “Ewwsss…mom, did you really listen to those icky songs when you grow up?” Cilaka mia anak! What’s wrong with my type of songs lah?

With that merdeka feelings in me, I decided to stop for breakfast alone. I forgot to make one turn and couldn’t have the sister char koay teow at Perak Road. So, I drove home and have breakfast there. Unfortunately, the coffeeshop is closed on Tuesday and though all the hawkers are still selling their stuffs, I have to sit on this rickety chair with a table by the drain to have my Hokkien mee.

Blogger in me quickly took a macro shot with my Sony Ericsson P1i. I wanted to MMS to friends to show off my Penang foods but cilaka, I didn’t set up an MMS with Celcom yet. Then, I checked my blog with my Celcom unlimited broadband….

Damn song, you know….the freedom of having the internet and my blogs in my palm. With an ice Nescafe kau, I was so happy eating alone….I was thinking of making one blog posting while sitting down with my steaming hot Hokkien Mee until…….







one apek came and joined me at my table. Tiu! He is pot-bellied, balding, wearing the regular apek type of shirt, those stripey type? OMG, imagine….me there with an apek.

What if……

What if……

What if……

What if……

What if……

What if……

some of my old friends or ex-colleagues happened to drive by and saw me there? What if they mistook the apek as my husband? Cilaka, like this manyak suey lorrrr…..

So, I fast fast finish my Hokkien Mee and habiskan all the Nescafe kau in one sip. And I cabut-ed. Oh man…..the horrors of being married to a man 20 years older. Remember, I am only 36 yrs old (pinocchio’s nose growing twigs and leaves)?

Haih….moral of the story. If I am going to have more breakfast alone, I will make sure that I take away all the spare chairs so that no apek khau me anymore. Of course, I shall make exception for chauffeur driven, real Rolex watch, hensem, big taukey apek…But then, those won’t be sitting by the drain, eating Hokkien Mee. *sigh*

7 thoughts on “Breakfast alone

  1. Hokkien Mee…. yummy yummy…..

    who knows, sometimes those big taukeh apek will still go to old stall to have breakfast by sitting by the drain….. maybe you need to go there more often to meet one. wakakakakaka.

  2. So, got your MMS settings yet? Maxis, hoh. Can get Over The Air wannn. Celcom so charr wannn. And yes, you’re 36 mah… and i’m what…. 26? Ehhhh…. iForgot.

  3. Auntie Lilian,

    How r u?its been a long time. Had no time to read blogs until recently since I left my job now got lots of time and am getting bored at home so catch up with blogs lor.

    Nice pic of Hokkien Mee. Makes me wanna go Penang lah.

  4. wah..the hokkien mee look so nice..hungry now..

    that ah pek no place to sit meh?why must sit with u ah?hehe..samm is 26?im so much younger..muahahaha…

  5. Aiyo.. you eat Hokkien me also must think of image meh?

    Apek sit next to you, your friends may think he’s your lao-pek.. then ok wut. ­čśŤ

  6. haiyoo, why worry. not necessarily an ahpek sit at your table is your laokong. it can be your father-in-law also. think positive. how about today? went for breakfast alone again? mana tau dapat kongsi meja sama ahpek muda punya…..kah kah kah ke ke ke.
    anyway, have a nice day.

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