Just feel like dissing other bloggers

The so-po

Yawwnnnn…..On one hand, I do admire them for their passion in fighting for the good of the society/humanity/human rights (insert more flashy words yourself.) But it is like this, one or two so-po like RPK and LKS, I sit up and listen. Three or four so-po, I am beginning to doze off. Truck loads of so-po, they are but a bunch of angsty teens hating the world and just because they got a blog to talk, they rant everyday.

In case you do not know what is so-po, it is not some sor-poh. It stands for social-political bloggers. Nay, those who have every issues with the Government wan leh? One talk HINDRAF, a whole truck load also talk HINDRAF from the same angle? I wonder hor, don’t these so-po eat? Make some food postings mah. Or don’t they have any other hobbies other than dissing Government? You don’t watch movies or something meh?

The trying to get attention by stirring shits about religions

As little kid may already knew, if mommy doesn’t pay attention, they play with a box of matches sure mommy, daddy, grandpa, grandma, neighbours, aunties etc will notice the poor little kid. So, they will pick on a teddy, on a compass and just every freaking thing to rant. Hoping it will turn into major storm because religious matter always create a spark. Teddy’s case – Rant all you want but for a teacher, she should know how Sudan feels about their Almighty and hence, she deserved it. She is a teacher and her job is to teach little kids ABC, if that’s her intention in going to a backward country like that. What does she expect from a country that still circumcise their little girls by cutting off the clitoris? Doh, she should know that it is very much against the Muslim’s faith to idolise statue or in this case, a teddy bear.

And why bother to swipe all the Christians just because one or two people talked about The Golden Compass. Some of these people merely want to make sure that the parents are aware of the connotations behind the movie. If you are single, have no children, no faith, why waste so much passion dissing people who oppose the movie. Go find something more fun to do lah. One Menj is enough already. And even that, Menj has other interests like making money.

The desperately ‘I need attention NOW!’

This bunch memang paling kesian-est of all. They will pick on every single farking issues. Religious, political, blog-politics and everything just so that they can get at least 2-3 comments.

The ‘I am an anon. blogger with some heroic nickname so I can say whatever I want’

This one? Lagi sienz. No face, no identity, no credibility. Full stop.

Haih…..what ticks me off….


Now, that’s why I want to diss them. Just because they keep pinging days old posts to get one more miserable comment.

Do I have to remind you that I don’t allow comments that diss me in my own blog? So, don’t waste your time to leave a comment.

20 thoughts on “Just feel like dissing other bloggers

  1. wah..i think i was like that..maybe still like that also..lol..
    dissing oni good mah..will improve..lol..
    lilian..ur sons very cute la…hehehe..reminds me of my students and me baby sis…

  2. I don’t need to ping. Got pro blogger, yes, pro blogger ping for me.
    How many bloggers can say that!!!

    Yalor, those attention seekers ar, ‘pinging the same post every 4-6 hours. Either you have it or you dont lah. Why lie to yourself??!!! If ppl like to read hor, its either bookmarked or RSS fed. Or…. use a farking disclaimer like mine. “I blog when I m free’.

  3. pls enlighthen me, what is ‘ping’? everyone pandai diss, even my 17 months-old baby can diss diss, kick you with her right leg. after that she feels so happy.

  4. since my blogs so doink..so must put some cool title lo..attract people mah..hahaha…
    i bet a lot of people also pantang dicabar..especially mothers..
    if my mom blogs..i will pengsan wei…
    luckily she dont know how to use internet…hehe..

  5. Hahaha… Apasal lately you banyak rant? Nvm, everyone deserves their right to rant. šŸ˜›

    Hehehee… My blog is so itsy bitsy.. No want to stir stir thing… What for-la… šŸ˜›

  6. You gotta train yourself to stand in and walk a mile in their shoes. Theists don’t want to see the atheists’ points of view, and likewise with atheists.

    I recently received a lot of flak from criticising the Pope, but I am sure my methods are quantifiable, and sources can be cited if need be.

    Sometimes Christians (and people in general, who have attachments to the things they like) feel offended when movies like Da Vinci Code or books like Northern Lights arise. They feel offended not because it hurts their religion (which in fact it DOES NOT, because they are works of fiction, just like any works of fiction regarding any gods creating the world).

    They feel offended because a core belief has been threatened, and they want the status quo to stay. Whoever it was who complained about the Christians and the Golden Compass probably had a point. I do believe, Lilian, that your point is invalid.

    Parents wanting their children to be aware that the works cited are used in fiction – especially works of religion like the Bible (which wasn’t even mentioned in the book, Northern Lights). Now, that, to me is outright indoctrination.

    If you are against Fidel Castro indoctrinating the young of Cuba with Communist ideologies, or if you are against Hitler from indoctrinating Facist ideologies in the Kindergartens, then why are you for indoctrinating kids with biblical knowledge?

    Isn’t that hypocricy?

    Ponder on in, and have a merry Christmas.

    I only worship Terence Wakakakaka!!!!!

  7. LOL, someone please hand chewy a glass of ice water please! Seriously, your comment is puzzling to me. Because all I said above is ‘STOP FARKING PING YOUR SAME OLD POST TWO THREE TIMES A DAY! WE ARE NOT INTERESTED TO READ THE FIRST TIME. WHAT MAKES YOU THINK WE WILL READ THE SECOND OR THIRD TIME?’

    Full stop. I won’t talk religion with you, ok? Don’t try.

  8. sniggers…..Who strike out Chewy’s comment ah? Chewy, I didn’t do that, ok?

    zewt – C A B A I is not CIBAI. But you can use cabai for the cibai, got some women stuff that into their husbands’ mistresses too. But if using cabai for that purpose, remember to use the Thai cabai burung, cos it is hotter. And pound it first.

  9. BTW hor, Chewy, I saw 27 comments on your post where you liken MY Pope to Osama. Fulamak, so many comments hor? But hor, one hand can count the number of persons who actually commented. Now, that you are done with Catholics Christians, you move on to Jews. But dude, really, if you want, go the full nine yards. Come back to Malaysia, and diss the other major religion. Then, I give you salute and ‘chia’ you dim sum.

    Somemore it has been many years since you fake that murder you committed? You think we all forgotten the little boy who staged the act of murdering a friend? Since murder already played liao, how about faking your own suicide pulak?

  10. “Murder”, and “Suicide” – Been there done that.

    Watch my upcoming updates in YouTube. All those are connected.

    And yes, I DO intend to go the whole nine yards. But rest assured, it’s going to be every religion, and every non-religion I can think of. Not because I want to stir up the hornet’s nest, but because you humans are dumb.

    And please, read all my posts – I don’t diss religions or people. I criticize the actions. They’re separate.

    I am servant to TERENCE. TERENCE is hensem.

    5xmom asks : Okayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy…..so we humans are dumb. Then, what are you if you are not a human too?

  11. Oh yea, I’ll look you up when I’m Penang. Dim Sum!!! W00T!!!!!! I WAAAANT DIM SUM!!!!!

    I want to eat PANG SAI’s SAI!!! TERENCE is the greatest.

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