My rewards

pink christmas present silver box

Normally, when I make a post, I don’t have any topic in my mind. I don’t need to sit down and plan what to write. It is always, post some photos and then, start typing away. So, even I myself do not know what I will be writing in the next few paragraphs. I guess this is what separates the 5xmom from the rest because I am gifted to crap without effort. Loose bowels, you see.

Well, tell me my photo is sooooooo beautiful. I shoot this with only a Nikon point and shoot camera that costs less than RM1K. And yet, I can take such beautiful photos. I didn’t photoshop it except for some touch up with Picasa.

silver and pink present

The present in silver foil and silver bow is so nice ya? The pink balls are Christmas tree baubles I took from my Christmas tree. This year, I decided to give my tree pink baubles because it needs the 5xmom’s oomph.

clinique lipstick

I went to Clinique today because I want the free silver lipstick casing. You say siao or not? I want a free casing so I bought a lipstick. Normally, I use Estee and Bobbi Brown but because I want a silver casing, I bought Clinque. When I was in my 20s and early 30s, I used to use Clinique. Then, I got a bit richer and use SKII and Bobbi Brown.

clinique lipstick

But buying just one lipstick at RM63 just don’t seem enough. So, I eye around and see their silver shopping bag. It is a freebie again. It will fit my music notes nicely. I forgot how much I need to buy to get the bag but I bought something else and the total bill is RM256. I got RM20 voucher, 5x bonuslinks, a silver lipstick casing, a silver shopping bag and nice customer service. They wrap up the present so beautiful. Now, it is so beautiful it doesn’t seem right to open it. So how?

Bonus point :
I decided to post my camwhore pic using my iMac camera. After all, I spent RM4,799 on that iMac so if I dare not take pic and post, waste money right? I tune the colour with iPhoto and now, I can bluff that I am 7 years younger than my age. Can or not ah? I am only 36 years old. *hides from Samm*

Photo 28_200

I make it small small cos I sked my haters take my photo and do Siamese khongtau. Don’t pway-pway wei.

7 thoughts on “My rewards

  1. 5Xmom!!! You rock!!! I’m currently so faaaaar awaaaaaay from home and reading your blogs has brought me so much comfort from Malaysia…. I love love love this blog and Malaysia Best.. (although Malaysia Best makes me feel like taking the first flight back to Penang sometimes!!! hehehe)… Keep on blogging, 5Xmom… šŸ™‚

  2. I’m just drooling over the presents!! Hahaha…

    Anyway, it’s not the camera, it’s the person behind the camera who can make the picture stand out. Of course, if you have a nice camera, it will help also-la!! šŸ˜›

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