You can be a millionaire with TM Merdeka Millionaire .

This time, I am not making fun asking people to convert to any races. Oh no! This has nothing to do with marching on the street to demand for human rights to get a million ringgit. You do not even need to get your butt out of the house or go find any tokong to jampi-jampi for lucky numbers.

You also do not need to face Jalaluddin Hassan, “Anda pasti?” or “Keputusan anda muktamad?” darn annoying face macam kena stroke likedat. BTW, do you know Jalaluddin Hassan is the Police chief mia brader? (source : Wikimedia) Yayaya, that Musa.


I wonder if he asks those criminals at BA during questioning time the same way like his brother in “Who wants to be a millionaire?” asked?

  • Anda pasti (nak mampus?)
  • Nak guna talian hayat (terakhir anda untuk talipon undertaker?)
  • So, you may ask, “Eh, 5xmom, jangan kelentong lah, mana boleh jadi jutawan tanpa usaha atau jampi tokong?” You won’t believe it but this is serious shite! TM is really running a contest which throws prizes like :

    1) Tickets to Beijing Olympics and EPL. This one, I kasi chance to others to win.
    2) Then, there is the daily prizes of RM100 cash rebate.
    3) Nokia 3G phones and cuti-cuti Malaysia packages for four persons
    4) A Proton Perdana

    And that elusive RM1,000,000! Satu juta! One million!

    How to win that? Easy only…..

    You just listen to me. Don’t blink your eyes, ok? Sit down quietly.


    (above is just the screenshot. You cannot enter now, you must read further.)

    Click this link to Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TM) and then, you will get the TM Merdeka Millionaire contest form. Just fill in the form and write a slogan, and that’s it! See? Don’t need to buy anything or eat lorry loads of ice cream or potato chips. If you have several TM products, then, you can enter several times. Yay! I have 4 Celcom lines and TM home line and TMNet Streamyx and that probably gives me lots of chances to win.

    But there is a catch to it. The closing date is on 31st December, 2007 and that means, just a month only before the contest ends. So, what you can do is to break our bad habit of ‘tunggu kejap, aku pekana kopi dulu’ or ‘eh, can wait ah? Still so long mah, why need to enter now?’.

    DON’T WAIT. Go over to their site now and fill in that darn form and write your slogans. I am sure almost all of us have an account with TM, right?

    Can anyone gives me some slogan ideas?

    Malaysia’s 50th Merdeka is so meaningful because…
    (not more than 50 words)

    If I win that one million, we share 50-50 lah. Deal? And if you have toyboy potential, between 21 years old to 25 years old, I bring you to Japan with me lah. But before that, I need to find a better broadband than the RM88 package I have right now. Can anyone tell me if it is worth paying for a more expensive package? I have five PCs at home and the line is darn slow.

    **Private message to potential toyboy candidate : Eh, if I win this one million ringgit, you promise to lie naked and let me pau you, ok? Janji? To make sure you stick to your words, I am going to leave this post as sticky post for two days. All my other posts will go below this post. Nyek…all my blog readers bear witnesses to this challenge. (pau = wrap = maintain mistress/toyboy)

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    1. terence – Eh, you not between 21 and 25 yrs old, duduk diam-diam, jangan tanya banyak banyak. Too old to be toyboy liao. Go play far far. Bwahahaha.

      Bryan – But hor, I susah mau cari itu 50 words about merdeka wor….LOL. If ask me to write the opposite, I pandai lah.

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      5XMOM SAYS :
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    3. Im so sorry lilian…
      I dont mean it..
      Can u please delete the post.
      Im so sorry
      May the Lord bless u!


      5xmom says :

      Don’t ever use the Lord’s name in vain. If He wants to bless me, He will. If you want to sell your shitty cupcakes, just sell it but don’t ever use the Lord’s name to cover your spamming. That is just lame.

    4. hie lilian, i just read the msg in my box
      Im really sorry, cos just now, is my fren that post it…
      Than she donno bout spamming..
      AHHH…that stupid of me…
      Really hope u delete the post…
      I blame myself….
      So, i got question asking u bout the ad, do u mind i ask u?

    5. Contact Nuffnang and go ask them how much it costs to hire me to write. Don’t waste my time and don’t waste my disk space and bandwith. I don’t fark care who post what. Grow up.

    6. Joosing, please go apologize to all the owners of the blogs that you or your friend(s) have spammed, either in the comments or chatter box. I’ve seen you left your shit at many blogs, ok!

      By doing so, only I will think you really feel sorry for what you have done.

    7. Want me to go hack ar???

      Joosing, In this blog, cannot use faith or religion one. All must worship TERENCE only. Better listen to Bryan or else……… you will be praying me not to hack your blog. Bwahahaha!!!!

      5xmom says….YAMAHA lu! But tenkiu.

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