This green thing is a cute frog.

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Frog - for eating

And I told my little boy, owner of the beloved green froggy that frogs are foods. People kill it, skin it, cook it and eat it.


And mommy loves frog legs because they are so muscular. Tastes better than chicken.

Poor little kid must have been freaked out. What do I care lah. Boys mah, we must give them the hard facts of life, right? Kill it, strip off its skin, cook it, eat it and shit it.

Now, who else want to get killed, stripped off your skin, get cooked, get eaten and then, let me pangsai-ed out the shit like the piece of shit you are now? (actually, I stole this line from Just Follow Law)

12 thoughts on “Frog

  1. aiyo! when I was little I witnessed my grandma killing them with a pair of scissor while they’re still alive! she cut the top bit & throw them away, then stripped off the skin & inside & chuck them in a basin of water & I could still see them moving like wanting to swim somewhere! That was traumatic for any wonder I’m funny lidat!

  2. frog legs are yummy. as you said, nicer than chicken. just don think and enjoy it šŸ™‚

    aunty, why nowadays no see you on MSN liao? no more chance to kacau you šŸ™‚

  3. wah…… i don’t eat that….. i just cam across a coffee shop in S’pore that has a cage in front. Inside is those big fat alive FROG! waiting for people to kill and eat it. I don’t know I can take photo or not, but i will try and see.

  4. *BUEK*

    My girl was also staring at the lady in the market stripping off the skin of the frog. I was more of a chicken, I walked away but she stared and asked, “mummy, why the auntie kill all the frogs?”..

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