Oh.My.God!!!!! A pink Christmas tree!

I wish I am 16.
Or at least I have a sugar daddy in the USA who will ship this tree to me.


I want a 7.5″ tree please. USD359.

Photo taken from this pink Christmas tree site and no, I am not sponsored to post this. I just have to post this so that I can dream of pink Christmas tree for the rest of my life, or until I have a grand-daughter and I can indulge her with one.

Looks like I will have to head to the mall and buy a white tree, a huge roll of pink ribbons and add my pink baubles to make up for this.

I am on a pink binge today. Saturday morning, feeling bored. I made my kids some pink jelly.

pink heart jelly

I could have asked them, “Go to the shop and buy one to eat. I am not going to boil the jelly, mix the flavour, pour them into little moulds and wait for it to set.”

But love is love. They wanted all the kinky flavours like Ribena and rose syrup and keat poh (some lime and herbal drink) *roll eyes* and Milo and…….

pink X jelly

Then, I have this cross shape ice cube makers. I made some cross jelly. But in order not to get some religious fanatics all crossed- eye accusing me of not treating the cross with respect, I rotate my photo and hey, it is X, not cross!

And no, my site was not rosak but there is a network problem and only people from Malaysia have problem getting to my sites. If you use proxy, you can still see. šŸ˜‰ And goodness, please comment in my previous post, can? Or I will worry………if people tulan with my reasons why they don’t see me on MSN.

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  1. lol… auntie.. have you watch ugly betty season 2 episode 10? they got themselves a pink christmas only to say that is damn ugly in the end.. lol..

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