“Why I don’t see you on MSN liao?”

A lot of people have asked me. Well, the answer are either ;

1) I am too busy so I never log in

2) I sometimes do not feel like chatting

3) I got tired of you LOLOLOL listening to your mother-in-law problems, your husband’s tryst, your break-up with your boyfriend, your child toilet training failure, your losing PR yadda yadda yadda

4) I know you are only bugging me when you need something. I ain’t no information counter. Kaunter sudah tutup.

5) I don’t like to listen to who is having affair with who and who is cheating on her husband or who is cheating the paid posts companies or who is bitching behind my back.

6) I hate telling you what relation I have with my readers like, “Who is that fella who calls himself The One?”

7) I do not wish to tell you who I just farked in my blog today. I always get that whenever I do my shadow kungfu. People will buzz me with “Eh, you talking about XYZ blogger in your post today issit? Who issit, tell lah. Aisay….you not enuff fren lah, keeping secrets from me…”

8 ) I can’t reap any benefit from chatting with you so why waste my time?

9) You are not bitchy enough and will be shocked with my language or revelations so I spare you the trauma.

10) …………………………………………. (you fill in the blanks)

But actually, you are not full of shit so we are on different strokes. I am too full of shits and are probably not suitable to chat with anyone. So please don’t take offence, I am merely joking with the above excuses. Nothing personal. 🙂


The theory I was talking about is this theory on relationship and shit.

You have a good weekend too! And I know my sites were farked up. No need to tell me liao.

5 thoughts on ““Why I don’t see you on MSN liao?”


    nabeh! there’s such thing as FAQ! It’s called FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS because people like to ask them, so they set up a page, so go read that n dun ask me!!!

    i always wanted to tell those ppl that..i bukan google! i takde search button!!

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