What was my 2007 New Year resolutions again?

It is almost year end. Did you achieve what you set out to do? I did. And I am damn proud of myself, several times over. Aiz teh 5xmom. The one and the only. *claps please*

Below is the resolutions for 2007 and the part in bold is what I had achieved.

So, this is my 2007 New Year resolutions for the web:

1) Get my faith blog http://christian-journey.com off the ground with constant updating. It will be my way of keeping close to the Lord.

I achieved that, sort of. My blog was wiped off completely at one point and I still update it but not that regular because I am not very ‘Yeh-sou-ish’ all the time.

2) Contribute to my fellow bloggers friends by providing a domain where they can expand their bloggers social circle.

I failed, sort of. Originally, Wingz and I wanted to set up PPS style of aggregator. But we got tired of it.

3) Stay rooted to the ground and not get sucked into blog politics, cliques, money or influences.

I succeeded.

4) Constantly remember that my skills are God-given and back to God I give. Freely I receive, freely I must give.

I hope I did carry out what I preached.

5) Gain more courage to speak my heart instead of bending to please others.

That’s how I earned my Obnoxious title.

6) Acquire a few more domains by end of next year.

I must have acquired over a dozen.

7) Earn five figure income (per month) in RM by next year. (Hey, I never expect to make even a three digit income but I had achieved that this year.)

I achieved that in July I think. And by November, I am still earning five digits. I hope I can touched that in December.

But now, I don’t seem to have anything for 2008 yet. What do you think I should put down as resolutions?

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  1. Wtf, I replied wrong place! My comment in ur earning blog should be here wan. Please delete my comment there. LoL…

    My comment sounds like this :-


    2008 ah? ErrrRrr…

    What about help lcf to get a gf, who he wishes so much doesn’t go for his money?

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