Blogging is dead

Yes, the fad is over.

One person writes about making money, hundreds follow the same old story.

One person talks about politics, hundreds parroting.

The whole thing has lost its shine for me. No more new things to read.

Si beh sienz liao. Banyak bosan. B O R I N G

I am going back to blogging for myself. At least on this blog.

From now on, I am blogging for myself and maybe one or two lucky people.

I don’t fark care if my post doesn’t make sense because it is back to the good old days when bloggers can afford to be the bad boy/girl of the blogosphere where they can give their middle finger and say “It’s my blog, I can write anything I want.”

I am going to use it like a personal forum.

It is going to be my own voice.

I have come a full circle. From personal blog to make money parrots and back to personal again.

***End of topic****

Why I si beh sienz? I write shadow kungfu, people take it as a food post. When I did a paid post, people didn’t realize it and sabo my post to sell cupcakes. Kanasai! *roll eyes*

Now, for example, this lizard shit on my keyboard :

lizard shit

And what do I do to people who shit on my things?

dead lizard

I canned them into airtight place, let them suffocate and then, hope they die. I also pulled off their tails, leaving them running helter-skelter.

See? This post is very chim-chim, deep-deep, can drown. But most probably, I will end up with comments like “OMG, I hate lizards!”

Shallow. Sienz. Boring. Most of the time, only one or two people get the meaning behind the post. Sienzzzzzz. Boring. Bosan.

29 thoughts on “Blogging is dead

  1. shadowfox – Last time my neighbour swallow those newly born rats. And go with Chinese wine. Eh, I Fedex the cicaks to you, ok?

  2. err…so what’s the story behind all this…
    isit don’t talk shit about blogging if not will die like the cicak?

    btw, your keyboard very dirty lah.. 😛

  3. Good IDea, next time must try the sealing…Last time I soaked them in salt water for 2 weeks, then mumify them…
    Must try yr idea next time.

  4. argghhh…… i can’t stand to see the lizard.. gelilah…..

    that’s mean the lizard is the blogger too… he spend a lot of his time up there at the ceiling just to take a peek at your content.. or maybe he is a content stealer…..


  5. hahahahahaha…I also did something similar to a cockroach; Terese sked told me to catch, I caught & put in container but closed lid & just left it in the sun! bwahahahahaha

  6. This post really really Chim..I really can’t understand..Or maybe I get something…Izit ppl who sabo, try to spam like the cupcake thingy, u will put them in the plastic and kill them?or izit u hate them?Really really chim…

  7. charles – Clever!

    khian – I no kill it lah, it suicided so we kept it in the bag and throw away. I not so black heart wei.

    sue me – I deep fry and ‘chia’ you makan, ok?

    wuching – You cruel! I no kill the lizard lah, they died, a few of them.

    MG – *chia MG coffee*

    weirdoux – You need to sleep, you brain screwed already!

    charles – Ewws…soak in salt, it won’t rot meh?

    stephanie, that cilaka lizard lor (not the same one lah), go and shit and splattered all over my keyboard. It lausai-ed everywhere on my laptop.

  8. terence – You tell me lah…

    decypher – It died, my kid kept it in plastic bag and sealed it. Then, they throw on to my table. But the cicak who shitted on my laptop must be different wan. Maybe they shit to revenge for their dead cicak friend?

  9. Cannot rot one.. u soak with vr vr salty water for 1-2 weeks, then put under the sun until complitely dry, then can preserve for few years..I used to do tht when I was in Form 1..he..

  10. blogging for your interest is much better than blogging for more topics involving money.

    i still have my own touch when I do the paid bloggings. Enjoy your blogging!

  11. haha after reading the comments i understand what you mean. the lizard became the main topic liao haha

    anyways there might be thousands of ppl who understands what you are saying but didn’t leave comments ler.

    don angry don angry. next time just stab the heart :S instant death!

  12. hahahah i try to sound smart.

    The reptile creature has been enclosed in a space devoid of proper gases that is needed for optimum metabolism to maintain its bodily functions. The said creature was proven to be an irritation and thus is deserving of its timely demise.

    😀 The lizard damn fat lor. and i feel like scratching your keyboard for you.

  13. you were right. in the end the lizard becomes the main topic. people comment more on the lizard and nothing else when what you were trying to say is a totally different thing.
    have a nice day. =)

  14. I’ve only been to your blog a few times. But upon reading this post, i THINK i get your drift. Whether or not we are drifting in the same direction, I cannot guarantee!

    There used to be a lot of originality in blogs. You can read different posts and recognise the author through its style, content or mood. There really was, once, a blogging community. Now there are just people who own blogs.

    I keep two separate blogs myself. My faithful personal one, and my main-main buat duit one.

    Guess to each his own, huh.

  15. For the lizard’s sake, I hope you’re joking about suffer-cating him to death!

    I like your 2007 resolution post because you are now taking stock, like most companies are doing stock counts too.

    Guess I started out blogging the right way. Now, I have my own domain about our new life in China – that’s personal too.

    Looking forward to read more of your personal posts, which got everyone here in the first place! Keep the faith (a la Jon Bon Jovi)

  16. k & zthon – I am glad both of you notice what I was trying to say. People just don’t bother with what we say, so that’s why it is a waste of time to say too much. Cincai, cincai write can already hor?

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