I am watching The Golden Compass

2.45 pm. Tickets purchased. Kids age 4 years old to 17 years old. The movie that some parties said ‘May be offensive to Christians’ and some Catholics warned, “Do not allow your children to watch this movie!” is enough good reason for me to drive to Gurney, spend RM20+ on tickets, RM20+ on popcorn and coke.

The reason? My four years old wouldn’t care about the story line. My 11 years old to 17 years old are smart enough to know fiction from our faith.

But you know what is funny? Our Malaysian politicians demanded for Evan Almighty and Bruce Almighty to be banned in Malaysia. Yet, they didn’t know about how ‘god’ was slayed in The Golden Compass. I guess they have not read enough. Or they hope suddenly, all Christians decided to change camp?


Tip of the day : If you have to bear the huge responsibility call ‘parent’, and you hope to bring up your children with some decent faith, you cannot be a prude and stay on the safe side always. One day, the big bad bear may ate up all your kids and you still do not know what has happened.

P/S : In case I am getting the same old boring question like – Aren’t Catholics Christians? The answer is YES, YES, YES. The reason I have identified myself as Catholic Christian is because something like KFC Original from the KFC Hot and Spicy. Same stuffs, but tiny differences here and there. Like we give reverence to Jesus’s Mother while some denominations don’t. Haiyor…I hate talking about faith because I need to explain so much. Niamah!

**Hoi! Lu jaga blog kasi gua ha? I monitor from my P1i wan. If no jaga, I no kasi ePod for Christmas.

5 thoughts on “I am watching The Golden Compass

  1. been hearing a lot of grouses about this movie lately… i still have no idea what it is all about. at the end of the day… it’s all about discernment.

    aiyah… even if it’s banned… it can always be obtained via this country’s stupendous underground economy.

  2. really? i’ve dropped off the face of the earth recently.

    had to fly out to some remote universe and stay there to gao tim some stuff.

    anyway, it’s a story. if your faith is shaken or offended by just a story, then are you really true to your faith?


    ** runs away **

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