About The Golden Compass and a bitch

So, what’s so special about The Golden Compass? Nothing. The show ended with the WTF feelings in me. And I need to ask my sons, “Eh, cilaka, tell me what’s so controversial about it? I mean, who is the bad guy here and how does the Catholic church fits into the story? Why are people so cautious about it?”

You can say it is bliss to be ignorant. My son Googled up the controversy and now only I know…..


So….is the movie good? Nay…I am not a fan of Harry Bladder nor LOTR so The Golden Compass is not my genre. I get confused with all those names and all those groups of people fighting each other. I am not sure why but I just can’t connect with a little girl who is too smart for her age. Gimme Nicole Kidman in Hairspray. That is a total biatch. Over here, I get confused with her character. And that Daniel Craig? His character was not fully developed. It leaves you hanging with half orgasm, that kinda thing?

LONDON (Reuters) – Family fantasy movie “The Golden Compass” found its way to top spot at the box office on its opening weekend, Screen International said on Tuesday.

The film, starring Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig, took the direct route going straight in at number one, grossing 5.7 million pounds.

The only reason I think people want to flock to the movie is because people wants to find something to justify their lack of faith or to check out due to curiousity. Basically, it is just a movie of a little girl and some furry animals. Nothing more. Blek.


You know what my 17 yrs old son said? “If you want controversy about the Christian faith, you should watch Bart Simpson. Now, that is really making fun of God. And that is more entertaining.”


So, after movie, we went to Batu Feringghi pasar malam and bought some of these t-shirts. They have nice ones like Starfucks, Unfuck the world, Good Bush and Bad Bush….etc etc.

But of course, I cannot allow my kids to buy some of those. Well, not with the F word.




Three tees for RM48. But tourists will get fleeced with RM25 per piece.


18 thoughts on “About The Golden Compass and a bitch

  1. hedo – I didn’t read the book but find the movie incomplete. Like, the audience cannot connect with the characters such as why is the girl so faithful to her friends, is she very attached to her uncle, etc etc. You know…

    terence – WOI, you suppose to say the McD t-shirt nice lah, tiu. Your BIL want ah? LOL

  2. i like lotr, i like hairy potter, this one also not bad la, my 2cents. but a bit boring at some part lo .

    those shirt knn yeng ! but i don dare to wear out . xD FBI one super cool!

  3. terence the spammer – I demand you release the Ah Beng. Where is the Chao Ah Beng ah? Your comment boring, wei. Bwahahaha.

    #2 – Yeah right….as if I will allow my sons to wear that out of my house.

    myspace – Yes, I know.

    nicholas – Haiyor, sked what lah. You only what? 16 years old. Can wear wan. I also wear wor.

  4. i thought the woman in hairspray is Michelle Pfeiffer… nvm… yeah i find Golden Compass boring too. sien lor coz like kena con by the trailer and publisity oni. hope episode 2 will be better

  5. slowcat – Tiu lor, yahor. How the hell I mixed them up leh? LOL. And it took so many ppl before they notice it! Heh, I testing jek mah….

  6. Quote: “If you want controversy about the Christian faith, you should watch Bart Simpson. Now, that is really making fun of God. And that is more entertaining.”

    LOL…no one, esp not a 17-yo knows what is God…LOL

    So what controversy? Controversy against people’s faith (only mainstream), more like it.

    “That people has faith and that it is all consuming, what a wonderful thing it is”

    “That resurrection has never happened (again?), that people keep their faith, how wonderful”

    RAMBO: Go join a cult or something! Bye!

  7. muse-theo – When you have all the screws screwed nicely and oiled nicely, you come back and explain, k?

    slowcat – Abuden? Hehehe.

  8. iKiasu. just a gimmick to gain more ‘traffic’. as you all know ppl like to do what is not allowed. so when everyone heard that the films is like this & like that, the more they want to know what/why is it like that…..more ticket purchased, slowly the film gain way to box office.

  9. muse-theo – Cos I really dunno you ngap mat yeh wor. I hate religious debate so don’t start one.

    Jen – Yeah, according to those emails forwards, you knowlah, the consipracy is to get the kids interested in this first show so that they will be hooked to the 2nd and 3rd part and then, brainwash them about God. *roll eyes* Doh, are they paranoid or what?

  10. an aside…mommy dear, an indoctrinated 17-yo is no good way to find God. give him a free reign and u could be surprised that his version of God will be different from yours. and if u keep an open mind on that and stay sharp (as u advocated), u could be thankful (when u come to close your circle) 🙂

    “why people cannot find God? simple truths :)”

    Terence is the only way.

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