How do I tell you that you are getting boring?

Do I just tell you, “Hey your blog post or blog comment are getting lame and boring!” ?

or do I just pretend that whatever shits you produced are still as interesting?

or be the unkind ones and keep pretending that your post is one of its kind eventhough it is dead boring?

I have seen some bloggers slowly dying because their moronic commentors keep going back day after day and leave comments because they feel compelled to. You know their etiquette lah. I post a comment, you come to my blog and post a comment and at the end of the day, we sit back and gloat that we have comments.

This is so wrong. If I think a commentor is being boring, I try to signal them. If they don’t get it, I just hope they stop commenting altogether so that I don’t need to dish out equally boring comments to reply to them.

Or I tell them straight in the face if I know them well enough.

And if a blogger’s blog posts start to get lame, I will just avoid commenting and hope they get the hint.

If I don’t like the person, I will go play far far and yet spy near near and hope to see them slowly, slowly, ever so slowly losing their traffic, their readers and one day, they woke up and realized they are impotent already.

Now, you may say I am being bitchy. But hey, I am just expressing what many of you are thinking, ok? So thank me already!

8 thoughts on “How do I tell you that you are getting boring?

  1. wuching – Dig greener and sticker ones and rub on Wuching’s sleeve. No, make that near his thighs…..LOL

    giddy – So true mah hor? All of us also guilty of that.

    ksin – Kopi-o satu. I know you sleepy liao. Come read my blog then you will be awake.

    zewt – Eh, perasan lagi?

  2. Sometimes read liao no comments doesn’t mean the blog is boring ma, ppl scared to comment, later kena if the comment sounds stupid for you, like this one…

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