One big revelation why men cheat

Wait a minute! Don’t throw eggs at me. This is just what I suddenly realized while I was poo-pooing. Cannot blame me because I need to find something to do while sitting there, no? Researches said we must keep our mind busy all the time or else we will slip into dementia when we hit old age. And I am zooming very fast in that lane already, you know?

It is a very simple theory. If you don’t feed your man well at home, he will need to eat outside. Simple eh?

Now you know….

Need to give examples ah?

Ok lah, cincai. Dr. Love will share now.

1) If say you are some rich tai-tai and keep boasting to your friends how you never need to cook or prepare anything for your husband because you got maids, nannies and cooks, you will find him spending time at some yeelai’s place, drinking the thongsui she cooked. I tell you, I swear by this. All the Natuks, Tan Silly all got some yeelais who waited on them with their ‘foods’. All kind of foods. You get what I mean lah.

2) If you are but a dead boring woman, with nothing to amuse the husband, nothing to converse, you will find him tok-koking away at some yeelai’s place.

And hor, while I saw sitting there, shitting, I tried to figure out how these two men I knew also got yeelai. (yeelai means mistress, the third party, kayu tiga)

Person #1 is a Taiwanese. He is dem fugly, short, small eyes and voice like duck. But he is the fuctory manager, meaning he got power in a sense. He once hooked up with his line supervisor, equally ugly. The poor Taiwanese wife came to my ex-boss’s and begged him to help her out. Haiyor, I tell you. I was stucked (cibai, I know stuck is past tense of stick and shouldn’t have -ed) there, listening to her, sobbing in Mandarin. I was only 22 years old then but I learnt the best lesson. No man is ever ugly enough to get some woman to be attracted to him.

Person #2 is even uglier. Fat, face like road kill and is only a lowly paid technician. He got one divorced seamstress who didn’t mind opening her legs for him. Haiyor, when people close to him told me about it, I was like, “Ammah…is the woman blind or what?” You see, Mr. Roadkill face may be poor and ugly but he is attentive ‘cos the wife was the aggresive, loud-mouth, can handle everything type. He hardly get to talk or make decision at home. So, the next lesson is “There are plenty of despo and lonely women out there willing to open legs for any man with usable dick and some spare time to give attention to her.”

Hiaks, I think I need to pop some Xanax. Excuse me. Or maybe my brain sott jor ‘cos I have 21 blogis and 18 ptbs to complete in less than 24 hours. (dun jeles hor? see my craps at my blog aggregator)

12 thoughts on “One big revelation why men cheat

  1. You forgot one last thing. If a woman is a dead fish in bed and wouldn’t give blowjobs, the man would cheat too.

    I know I would. hahahaha.

  2. shadowfox – Nay…under (1). LOL, I dare not explicitly say it or else, later all the women burnt me on the stake like what they did to you last time when you posted that controversial post. You think I missed that eh?

    pandora-eye – Hehehe, so shitty but so truthful hor? Life’s life that hor?

  3. terence (insert surname and chinese name) – If I become frigid due to that Ron Jeremy images ha, I will sue you! Traumatizing people is a crime you know?

  4. wah..ugly guys get to ahem so many chicks ah??the power of $$$ is so bloody powerful..sadness..why women is so despo ah?very sad wei..

  5. walao eh not true that rich guys always stray and cheat. cannot be sexist hor. probably men cheat for one reason only – they want some fun. not all cheat though.

  6. it’s all about companionship and warmth. those deprived, over time desperation will take over.

    no man(woman inclusive) can withstand intimacy deprivation over a long period…and i want the Pope to answer for this…now!

    so it has nothing to do with ugly, rich or big/small d**k, but if you have the time to spare and willing to share your warmth, the deprived will go feeding…no questions asked.

    “simple truths, we are all equipped to know thru our instincts, no man shall be denied”

    I am an asshole. I know shit and I am full of it.

  7. muse-theo – LOL, that’s why I said get yr screws tightened lor. Why lah, you go drag the Pope into the water lah! Warmth? Buy dog as companion can already.

    daniel – Eh, I female mah, sure stand on the female side. Abuden, it takes two to tango hor?

    pandora – Yes, money rules everything, usually. But muse-theo does have a point lah, companionship also.

    sue me – Biasa lah, but these women aren’t after the money all the time, some do it for companionship. Neh, that muse-theo said wan.

  8. Luckily my mum knows how to cook well, and also ( provides my dad well in bed la..) How I know? Coz the next morning, daddy like didn’t sleep like that punya muka..haha..

  9. not all women want the money, just want some attention. i got a story, this wife was pregnant, it is understood that some women can be lazy & unable to ‘perform’ during this time. So, her ‘not so rich’ husband always sits at the bar having happy hours where he met this lady who’s 5 yrs older that him. That lady’s husband working outstation & of course, she also cari makan outside hor. so, in this case scenario, i point (middle) finger at both side lah.

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