Christmas wishlist

Sweats. Only 10 more days to Christmas and I haven’t done a thing yet. I want an American turkey (and I don’t mean George Bush) but apparently, our very nice and thoughtful Garblement did not allow the import of turkeys from Uncle Sam land. I had checked a few frozen food suppliers and all only have Ronsard from France.


french turkey
(this is French turkey, no popper and the birds are much smaller)

I don’t want French birds. You know why? Because American turkeys come with the pop-up timer and it is an idiot proof bird. If it is cooked, the popper will pop up and I don’t have to worry about giving my guests food poisoning due to half-cooked turkey.

(this is Norbest from USA, available only in 2005. The import in 2006 was delayed till almost Christmas. In 2007, no sight of them at all.)

I know I shouldn’t be whining about turkeys because Christmas is not about turkeys. It is to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. My Lord, my Saviour.


I know there are lots of people who are starving so I shouldn’t be picky about where the birds come from. I should give thanks that I even have the money to buy one darn expensive bird that will costs me at least RM60




People will tell me that I can always roast chicken or duck. Or a leg of lamb.


You know why? Because I find it patronising to NOT allow the imports of turkeys simply because they are not halal. This excuse is not acceptable to me. Do you also know that imports of cured meats from Italy is also banned? I have gone to the local deli and every single time, they told me I cannot have salami, prosciutto and all those cancer-causing, blardy tasty meats because our Garblement doesn’t allow the import. KNN, denied me of my pork also. And why must target the turkeys leh?

Christmas turkey
(yes, I roasted that darn bird myself in my own oven in my own home)

Anyway….I had grumbled too much. My topic is my Christmas wishlist. Not that I expect to receive it. I can actually buy some of them too. But hey, it is nice to have a wish list, right?

So, here is mine :

1) iPod touch

2) Nikon DSLR D80 or if I dare to dream, D3

3) Honda Jazz, pink karer


4) A pet pig, serious. Or at least a soft toy lah.

5) A butler. A Nepalese, will do. šŸ˜‰

6) A second wife for my darling husband. Neh….to help me take care of the kids, clean house, cook, iron my clothes and everything except jaga my suami. No sex type of wife, lah, I mean.

7) Peace on earth.

8 ) PR 5. *looks at Google with puppy eyes*

9) RM20K per month income from my blog.

10) A hot night with Santa.

So, what’s your wish list?

12 thoughts on “Christmas wishlist

  1. 10 Items????? Niamah!!! I only want an iPod classic.

    D80 are for Ah Kuas, get what I gotten lah.

    BTW what is the durian doing there? Stuff inside the turkey ar?

  2. Terence – No, if include niamah, means 11 liao. Ok lor, we exchange gifts? You gimme the D3, I give you the D2 (nay in the pic?)

  3. good idea from Mr. T, this is the m’sian version of preparing the turkey – you can name the recipe “Ayam Belanda Masak Durian”. Merry x’mas to you & your family Lilian.

  4. i want a hot night with sant too..
    bigger boobs, smaller hips and flatter tummy..
    ipod..i oso dont have but i just bought new fancy phone so nvm la..

    and i also want new bf for x’mas.. preferably with blue eyes, tall and dark skin..

  5. 7) Peace on earth. ???

    hey…that’s a big american fart that stems from their delusional self aggrandizing. proably it’s the brits who originated this type of syncopatic grand dream but they have shied away from it since their awakenning (fall of empire) and their delusional cousin on the other side of the atlantic have picked it up like a second skin. and…most of us good-intentions fellas (because of our guilt in our prosaic existence?) tends to pick it up too.

    now you may ask…why not? but why do?
    peace on earth? peace at home more like it… šŸ™‚
    take care of our homes, and the world shall take care of itself? šŸ™‚
    the…the world is simply too huge and incomprehensible.

    similar things need to be pointed out to some leaders, erstwhile here or elsewhere, when they poke their noses into faraway lands…when the backyard is the one that needed attention.

    p/s hey you’re not worked up by my creaky-loose-screw comments ya…LOL

    Merry Christmas, Lilian šŸ™‚


  6. muse-theo – See or not? You wasted so much anger on something like that? Peace on earth, piss to you. šŸ˜›

    simon – But I want my turkey!

    sassyjam – Hope Santa brings you all that and also strip for you. LOL

    giddy – Eh, very easy to do only. I learnt it from Auntie Suzanne. Nay, that very, very elderly auntie who is a cantor, always wear nice nice wan? Brandy, salt and pepper. Nothing else.

    Jenn – Mr. T there is Mr. Turkey wor. Cos I don’t know the other Mr. T back then. Correct or not, Mr. Terence?

  7. I wan a roast turkey and not ham with cranberry sauce that I hav every year.LOL…I want an IPod too.Oh yeah..can I ask for Justin Timberlake’s concert tickets too?one more..I want Alvin and the Chipmunks’s soundtrack.LOL..
    Merry Xmas Lilian!

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