Projek meng-ahkua-ing my Sony Ericsson P1i (adding bling bling)

sony ericsson P1i

I got the Sony Ericsson P1i for like two weeks already. I am still struggling with the qwerty keypad, after being so used to the regular phone keypad. Then, I also have problems finding the right applications. Even basic things like finding a browser that works took me a week because I am too lazy to play with the tiny keypad.

But now, I feel damn shiok ‘coz I can access the net anywhere, anytime. For eg. I was busy shopping at MNG sale two nights ago and Samm SMS to tell me there are lots of USD to grab. I managed to login into some paid post company from my SE P1i. Hah! The satisfaction of not missing any opps is priceless.


Anyway…I find the SE PIi a bit ‘boyish’ as it is a phone meant for businessmen. There are so many features in there, they boggled my mind. Never mind, if *you* got it, I also must have. Si beh kiasu what. So, what I am going to do is to meng-ahkua-kan my phone.


After I bought these little bling-bling, I just realised that I am too clumsy to handle it. Cilaka! I am not cut out to deal with tiny little stones like that.


I wonder – have anyone of you did this before? Will the thing sticks for long?


And please have some m&m peanut butter flavour.

12 thoughts on “Projek meng-ahkua-ing my Sony Ericsson P1i (adding bling bling)

  1. I bought a protection screen filter sticker for my SE k320i.

    Rm 10 ringgit.

    Guess what? less than 6 months, the thing literally FELL off by itself, leaving a clean screen, no compound or goeey after months of being firmly applied on the screen.

    The heat from your body and the sweat vapor from the humid air near your body might degrade the chemical compound of the stickers.

  2. When that *you* complained about the QWERTY keypad, someone said “easy to use, like keyboard”. Ptui!!!

    Kiasu??? I heard *you* bought a D3. Go buy one also lah!!! Tiu!!!

    Damn ugly lah the blings!!! Wait for the FedEx guy lah. Coming soon.

  3. pinksterz – I hope they don’t leave a messy goo. Now also too late to think about it cos I stick them already.

    terence – Chey…D3 jek hai mai? I got D40. 40 is bigger number than 3 worrrrr….. Cibai, the blings dem kewt ok? Faster hor, tell the FedEx guy. And kasi ample warning so no braless incident.

    shadowfox – This one ciplak Made-in-China blings, sure leave a mess, I think. Don’t care, belakang kira, shiok sikalang.

  4. i like the word meng-ahkua-kan. Chun!!!

    i think the bling bling can stay on your phone for quite some time gua… although it’s made in china. nowadays, most of the stuff also made in china laaaaa………

  5. oohh..bling bling..i phone is also boyish.I should meng-ah-kua-kan my phone too.LOL..I heart M&M..can i hav some please??hehehe..

  6. edwin – HTC is made in Taiwan and I am allergic to it.

    sue me – This one is Christmas edition, better go buy before out of stock.

    planet lowyat – Read comment #2?

    wuching – Ah kua good mah…can heart-to-heart talk with you wor.

    allenooi – Yalor, every darn thing all from China now, including people’s mistresses.

  7. they last quite long. of course if you purposely scratch them off or something like that then they will come off. hehe.
    about the messy goo. not really. but if that really happens. you can use eraser to rub them off. i’ve tried all these before. =D

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