Wah!!! I think I PMS-ing

It is 1.20 am. I just remember that I only ate one salmon head for dinner.

salmon head

After that, I ate half a donut. Only half because everyone stole a bite from my piece. *sniffs*

missy donut doughnut

On the way home, I told my atm I want to eat curry mee. But I don’t know how, we totally forgot about getting to the stall. Now, I realized I am damn hungryyyyy..

Very Spicy Curry Noodle

And that evil woman go and MSN me what she is eating now at this minute at 1.30 am. Sambal petai and all sorts of beans and aubergines. I HATE YOU!

*bawls!!!!* I crave Maggi assam laksa but I have none at home. Now, I cannot get my fix of chillies and assam. So, I am going to hate everyone. Yes, I hate you, you, you and you!

I HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE the world because I forgot what I was suppose to blog. Food does that too people, huh?

16 thoughts on “Wah!!! I think I PMS-ing

  1. quote: “I HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE the world because I forgot what I was suppose to blog. Food does that too people, huh?”

    u just had a turn-about dear, not that u forgot.

    “things in life disorient us, that is good food for thought”

    Terence is Handsome. I worship Terence.

  2. but…even if i put in some touchy comments, u don’t have to amputate/castrate me, u know… dont say u rather have impotent comments on your blog, dear.


    Bye Bye!!! Its me, Terence.

  3. When I PMS,i eat more than that..wakaka..there was one..i ate from the moment i woke till i sleep at night..damn crazy wei..eat n eat n eat n eat…i heart food!!lol..

  4. OK, muse-theo ….now let’s talk. The two comments earlier without my urls were posted from my Sony Ericsson P1i when I was in Tesco, grocery shopping.

    In case you didn’t note earlier, I had hinted to you I find your comments way out of topic. I also told you I don’t talk religion.

    Now, I show photos of a bowl of curry, you go talk dunno what. I am very patient with you because I know it is pointless to argue with you because you got one way traffic in your mind. You can talk about the salmon head or the donut but you must die die go and drag the old posts over here.

    What you got above are from Terence. He has admin access to my blog, like a bulldog, likedat. So, if you don’t want him to twist or delete your comment, you better stick to the topic.

    You want to share your grandma’s PMS stories, go ahead. You want to talk religion, simple. Go to a church tomorrow and challenge the pastor or priest. Go argue with them. I got better things to do than to argue with people like you.

    And this is for Terence – Hehehe, iPod in the mail. Keep working harder, ok? And tenkiu, eventhough I know you said no need.

  5. muse-theo – Soli hor, my bulldog bites. Forget to tell you.

    blurryhunniee – I ate laksa, char koay teow, kam heong lala and chai boey (some sour vege soup) so now I hepi hepi liao.

  6. i always hav cravings when i PMS (*im not pregnant*)…when u crave for something,you will go mountain and sea just to get that food..wakaka…

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