I hate buying gifts. What about you?

I just read Mr. Longkang’s post and this guy bought his wife a set of pots for Christmas. Snigger, snigger, snigger…..Hehehe, men! Haiyor, why all men likedis wan? That’s why hubby and I have stopped buying gifts for each other for as long as I can remember.

Initially, during those dating, live-in, newly married years, we were damn creative in getting gifts for each other. After some years, I stopped bothering because that old man is very hard to surprise. If I give someone something, it means I have taken a long time to think of something special and when I give, that recipient better be jumping with glee and full of surprises. When I don’t get that kind of reaction, I couldn’t fark care anymore.

Meanwhile, he will buy some damn expensive chocolates which I find hard to swallow (e.g. Godiva) or like Mr. Longkang, useful stuffs like pots and pans. There is one year he bought me a thermos teapot. Also expensive, useful but dang, mana ada spesel lah! If he had taken time to select a cute mug, costing less than RM10, I would be happier than that branded teapot that costs RM180.

Then, I have one male ex-colleague who always buy his wife jewellery. He would show it to us first and normally, all of us girls know that it is one ugly piece but we didn’t have the heart to tell him. So, I think men are better off not buying gifts at all. Just give us money, ok? It will save us women a lot of fake smiles and fake ‘Oh, I love it’. Then, again, we are so damn good with faking everything, huh?

Now, when it comes to buying gifts, I hate doing it. Normally, I cannot afford to buy what I really want to give to a person. And for those that I can afford, I think those are pretty lame stuffs to give as gifts. That’s why until now, I haven’t got anything for anyone. Sigh….

But men, if you are looking for some cool gifts to buy, get those celebrity sexy lips plumper for your wife lah. It will gives her those bee stung lips and make her teeth white and glow in the dark with celebrity sexy teeth whitener.
Don’t you hate buying gifts too?

**Eh, *you*, mana itu Fedex guy ah?

18 thoughts on “I hate buying gifts. What about you?

  1. buying gifts…. see buy for who lo….. if buy for loves one sure happy la…. buy for those normal friend mar chin chai select lo… buy for ownself, sure pick nice nice one la….. hahaha, is like that one mar…

  2. Yes I hate buying gifts, I like the eating part during Christmas, but not the shopping part. I hate to buy something useless for someone and I hate to receive something useless in which later one I have to store it somewhere, or I have to display it somewhere in my house to please that person.

    I really wish people understand why us Chinese just give angpao during CNY. Money is the most practical gift i the world!

    Haven’t said that, my hubby wants me to buy something for him for a surprise. He lives in another kind of culture, it’s the thinking that counts, not the gift itself. But I always buy him stuffs that he can use – CD, book, boxer…even me feel boring about these items.

  3. Yalor… We are going to have the gift exchange in this coming Xmas. I think hard hard abt what gift is proper and satisfied their needs. After think wisely, I said I’ll wrap cash voucher as giftlor, then they said I no romantic, at all! My perfect idea got rejected, they are so demanding…
    So, don’t think someone sleep beside you is hard to ‘fok si’, sometime my lovely housemates do the same… sigh…

  4. Well, unless the person “hints” on what they want then obviously the guy would be more aware of it. I know I am. LOL!

    Buy your hubby one of t-shirts then. Make him look younger. rofl!

  5. I love giving gifts.. and getting them too. It is the person and the thought behind the gifts that appeals to me most :p and I’ve still got gift rocks and seashells in my treasure chest… Merry Xmas Lillian šŸ™‚

  6. aiyo lilian! u are SO right!!!! despite only married for just more than a year, i’m already running out of ideas….btw, love the theme. šŸ™‚

  7. yvy – Yalor, buying for the husband is easy, but to get something that he really likes, is hard. Not that I can afford some RM50K bike for him. LOL.

    Yoza – Thanks for popping by. Rocks and seashells are so romantic, rite?

    giddy – I enjoy hunting for it but the pressure of not knowing if the person is going to like it, that one very sienz.

    danny – Yalor, I openly tell thimmm…no nid hint.

    sean – LOL, reminds me of Alvin and the Chipmunks savings bond.

    bee ean – I merajuk liao, what also I don’t want to buy. Saves me money thimm

    #2 – Ya, we are the non-gifts giving family, other time can buy mah, rite? Why pressure for one day only hor?

    allen – When you first know a person, easier. But wait long long liao, the list of things all crossed out, so nothing else to buy.

    shadowfox – Fuyoh, enjoy lah.

  8. I hate buying gifts for guys..so very the hard to get them gifts..the ones they like is soooooooo frappucino-ing expensive..buy lousy gifts..they giv you that face.. -_- ”
    Fake somemore..sadness..better bring them makan and save time on choosing gifts for them.LOL..

  9. Hi! Yeah, i would prefer my man to give me money rather than buy pressie that i dont appreciate! My man love to buy perfume for me for any special occasion, i have lots of them on dressing table that i cant finish one bottle!! sigh! Guess not only they are have that “dont care much” attitude, but also not that creative in buying gifts for women!

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