pumpkin and carrot soup

Not because I made a pot of delicious pumpkin and carrot soup from scratch.

prawn curry

Not because I cooked some dry curry prawns from scratch.

roast chicken

Not because I roasted a 2 kg + huge chicken. (you can read about the chicken on my food blog but the soup and curry, I no time to write yet) Tell me what you see on the chicken back? Say lah!

I am so tired cos I told a buddy that I have sat here till CB also flatten jor. What have I been up to? What you kepoh wor?


9 thoughts on “I.so.tired.

  1. terence – That’s why you remain #1 fansee cos you see the sign while others don’t. LOL.

    tom – If you say so.

    allenooi – Mamak got sell.

  2. been reading you blog for sometime, but never comment..
    anyway, the chicken looks like a sleeping puppy face, closing its eyes.. seriously, kinda cute (look for the right)
    and yes, i see the sign 🙂

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