“I got it from my mama”

(below video is flagged on Youtube and you need to confirm you are over 13? (or is it 16 years old) before you can view it. So, who here is under 13 years ah?)

Now, forget about the meaning of the video. I am going to tell you my kids’ favourite phrase. “I got it from my mama.”

Here are some examples :

“Haiyor, why you so lunchun wan?” (why are you so clumsy?”)

“I got it from my mama.”

“Cilaka, you don’t know how to count meh?”

“I got it from my mama.”

“Oh no, cannot, you cannot buy any more shoes. You only have a pair of legs, how many pair of shoes you need?”

“I got it from my mama.”

“Tiu lor, how many years I feed you already, ah? Why until now you still cannot tell chicken meat from pork?”

“I got it from my mama.”

And then, what I got from my mama?

“Adoi, macibai! I hurt my toes again! Ouch ouch ouch.” (to illustrate that the C word only popped out in extreme situations like when I hit my shin on the edge of the bed or kicked the brick wall)

And son will reply, “Hoi, you cannot say my grandma,ok?”

“I got it from my mama.” (yeah, my mother used to scold the cibai word so probably, the word has been planted in my computer chip in my brain)

Unfortunately…..I did not “I got it from my mama.” for the C and P words that I sometimes uttered. I got the round body from her too……Sigh…my two older sisters were much luckier. They don’t look like my mama and they are as thin as can be. I look like my mama and I got my body from my mama. *cries* Not only my mama, even my grandma! Arrrgggh…..

Guys, when you date a girl, please take a look at her mother. If you got a tubby MIL-to-be, you will probably have tubby wife in future too. It is all in the genes. Don’t say I never tell you so.

9 thoughts on ““I got it from my mama”

  1. aiya wuching, u must never say that even when both of u r over eighty.. if i say something like that abt me is ok. I got a mirror n i sometimes see my long departed dad looking back at me from the mirror. but i couldnt n wouldnt ever say the same thing to my wife. just remember her as she was and never a day older

  2. hahaha this is so funny. agree about getting things from mama.. tastes change too, i used to be anti-red when i was younger, now i seem to be liking all things red! i tell my friends, “it’s the sign of aging!”

    cheers, constance

  3. eh..i always say that one..blame my mom mah..lol…who else to blame for my curves but my mom??LOL…
    im such a bad daughter..lol

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