10 thoughts on “Are you rolling these balls?

  1. Ooohhh…I like tong yuen..yummy..family not here this yr.Have to make myself or rather buy from supermarket..sadness..
    happy dongzhi!!

  2. Old folks say, one must eat the quantity representing your age. So, you makan 50 kah? Bwahahahaha!!!!

    Balls are for carrying. Thats what they do in my ex company.

  3. terence – Like dis I cussed you get constipation with your *use fingers and toes to count first* 43 balls stuck next to the two you already have. LOL.

    sue me – Making it is fun but to finish eating them sienz. After one bowl everybody don’t want to eat liao.

  4. wah…your kueh ee extra colourful this year…your boys creativity, huh?

    i also prepared a small pot….gua suka makan, especially nicely chilled in the fridge.

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