“You think I got no brains ah?”

Terence says….”It’s your blog”

I think that’s a very good reminder because I told him that nowadays, I almost dare not post much because each time before I hit publish button, I need to weigh if people will read between the lines or take offence. In fact, I got some posts in my drafts that I decided against posting.


And then, there is this stupid bunch of people who takes every blardy word I wrote as the gospel truth. Sometimes, whatever I write cannot reflect the whole situation. It could be words told jokingly but when it appears on my blog, it looks like a rude remark. Or if I talk about my kids, people will be sitting behind the PCs and went, “tsk, tsk, tsk…look what she is teaching her sons, bad moral, I tell you…..people like these will burn in hell….horrors, she dare to call herself a Christian?”


Arrggh…I hate all these self restraints.

So, shove it. I am not going to worry so much anymore.

It’s my blog and I don’t fucking care what others think. So, stop reading between the lines and making assumptions.

Now, on to regular brogging and bragging.


It is the Raya Haji today and as usual, my younger kid will be asking about the significance of it. As a Catholic Christian, I normally go back to Abraham or what the Muslims call Nabi Ibrahim. We really do start from the same source, you know? Anyway, what we discussed in private is not for public viewing. It is all about faithfulness to God and sacrifices and yadda yadda yadda.

But that’s not the main topic of my post yet. This is to test and see how much people read before they comment. Test and see how people usually select the irrelevant things to comment on and not my main point.

We wanted to go to the frozen food supplier today to buy our huge, giant turkey. They sell nice salmon, cod fish, lamb shanks and even huge tiger prawns etc. But I told the kids we are buying turkey. I went to the kitchen and took out our Coleman cooler box. It is a small one, fitting only 6 cans of drinks.

Just for kicks, I added Queen’s video. Gosh, look what kind of videos I grew up with!

#2 son said : The turkey so big, it cannot fit into your box lah.

Me : Cilaka! I know lah. You think I got no brains ah? I brought along in case I buy smaller stuffs like prawns or fishes mah.

Then, as we were getting out of the door, hubby saw my cooler box.

And he asked :

Hubby : Did you put in the blue ice? (the frozen piece of blue thingie?)

Me : Cilaka! You and your son! You think I got no brains ah? Cooler box without the coolant, I bring for what lah. Same same one, both of you. Niamah, think I got no brains issit?


20 thoughts on ““You think I got no brains ah?”

  1. This post is like doing rumusan lidat, got isi tersirat, isi tersurat. Haiya, just blog as you like lah, it’s your blog anyway.

  2. emm.. what should i say….. my hubby and son only remind u ma….. in case u forgot ler…… later on when u forgot.. u start to blame them they din remind u pulak…. haha

    Terence says: WHAT THE FARK COMMENT IS THIS!!! WHAT YOUR HUBBY AND YOUR SON!! WTF!!! I dun farking understand wtf you are trying to comment here!!!


    Its yours mah, why you wanna care what others think. Even if you are left with one reader, its still worth blogging for what.

    Can I have my iPod now????

  4. terence – Weii…Today last day liao lor. You better send me my car ok? And hor, since all in capital letters liao, go fark kau whoever out of topic ok? Now I go Apple and buy iPod liao.

  5. Live and Let Live! Selamat menyambut Hari Natal 2007.
    Semoga memperingatinya membawa keinsafan kepada seluruh rakyat Malaysia.

  6. Be happy to read comments, bad or not bad nvm lar… I will be happy to see comments in my blog. Oh yes…. sometimes I am very slow one and I might comment wrongly. No offence ok?
    Oh yes.. 5xmom’s brain is huge, ah bor, how to become one of the top blogger in Malaysia… rite? (Kena angkat angkat her a bit. If not, I will read more… KNNMCB, Ce*laka, Lan*Jiao, Ci*bai….etc) *cabut*

  7. wah liao..sooooooooooo cilaka ah..men ah..always think we women got no brains..so sad wei..
    choonie sked of lilian liao..lol..i got critics bout my blogs too.like i care..wakaka..masuk telinga kiri keluar telinga kanan..lol..

  8. Damn, mine would expect me to remember every single damn thing. Sometimes, i just dont want brains so that he can do it all, and i give him Bambi stares….

  9. welovepenang- your ‘sorry…. typo’ can cause a lot of trouble. There is a great difference between MY and YOUR. I will leave that to your imagination.

    About the farking, we like to fark wor. Can? Anyway, no jokes no fun, no farks no sons. Bwahahahaha!!! The farkings are only on this posting. read the contents again. Cheers!

  10. Don’t bother about what other ppl think lo… Personally, I think u are a GREAT mom… so open-minded and can let her sons bleach their hair some more!! Nice! hehehehe…

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