Great minds think alike

I went to Gurney Bodyshop to buy something for Auntie S. I left the things there and asked the promoter to gift wrap for me while I continue shopping elsewhere. I walked out and bump into Auntie S. And she said she is heading for Bodyshop. She didn’t know that I just came out from Bodyshop. I told her her gift is in the shop!

Then, I checked my phone. There’s a message. And of all the things I can find in Penang, I bought something that the recipient already has. Niamah! I thought I have stumbled on the bestest thing evarrr. I suppose like he said, ‘Jeniuses think alike’. Eh, you give me your copy, untouched. My son told me, “Mom, you better don’t ask him to send it to you, later he put his own shit there and made an extra page.” (private joke, nvm)

After that, I went to Cooking Island to get some baking stuffs and my gift from Erina and Lawrence were already waiting for me. Such good luck!

5 thoughts on “Great minds think alike

  1. terence (inserts surname and Chinese name)! No shite? Really? Cibai! How is this possible?

    allenooi – I don’t know what it means wor. Me no speaking Canto. Translation – Heart got dragon shit?

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