It’s Christmas eve

Christmas is almost here. Christians all over the world will celebrate the birth of Christ.

And why do we celebrate a birth that has taken place more than 2,000 years ago? Because we are only humans and we need something to keep on reminding us about someone. We need to do something in order to visualise the something that we believe in.

What do we believe in? We Christians believe that God gave a part of Himself and was born as a human baby, through the Blessed Virgin Mary’s womb, born as baby boy name Emmanuel or God is with us or Jesus. He isn’t born in any place but some old barn.

Why would God wants to do that? Can’t He just remains that Almighty God and command us instead of going through the birth, the sufferings as the Man Jesus was and eventually, the horrific death? Because we Christians believe that unless God comes down to earth and ‘bridge that gap’, we cannot go back to Heaven. Heaven was meant as the place for us but Adam and Eve screwed up. Even as humans, we also screwed up sometimes. But Christians believe there is the Way, the Truth and the Life through Jesus. No matter how rotten we are, if at some point in our lives, we realized it and repent, there is a second chance for us.

And the bestest thing is Jesus, the Son of God loves the sinners and will go out of His way to nudge us to follow Him. I did that four year ago. But two years before that, on Christmas Eve 2001, I wasn’t a Christian. I don’t even like Christians because they are such pushy people sometimes. (Christians, please don’t get worked up but sometimes, non-believers like my previous self are really afraid of Christians)

On 24th December 2001, I remembered I was in Dr. Cheang’s clinic in Lam Wah Ee because I couldn’t find my son’s regular doctor in Adventist as she had gone on holiday. My son was ill and I needed a doctor fast. So, I went to Dr. C’s clinic, all ignorant and afraid. (we have met on two previous occasions as he was called by Adventist to see my son) I remembered he told me, “We doctors’ have no life, today is Christmas Eve and I am here working.” He admitted my son for observation.

Fast forward to the next two years in December 2003, I was already in the church choir. Every year, I will sms him to remind him that I am singing on which day’s mass. It does seem silly but to me, that’s the most glorious thing. That same person who was the lost, ignorant and afraid person is now celebrating the birth of Christ with the joy of knowing the true meaning of Christmas. I know his faith is strengthen to see that transformation in me. And I know that for a person like him who deals with tiny babies and children on the verge of death sometime, he needs that little dose of faith to keep helping those babies. The faith to go the extra mile and the hope for a miracle.

This post wasn’t meant to end this way. But heck, Christmas does get to me sometimes because the huge leap of faith I made has made it much more meaningful to me. Where else can you find an understanding God? Who else can understands the kind of pain and sufferings we go through as a person than Jesus Christ who also endured the same kind of troubles like us? Which woman can empathize how we bereaved moms feel than Mother Mary herself who had to watch her son died? And lastly, we are always comforted that no matter what, happy or sad, the Holy Spirit is with us. The Holy Spirit which is our guardian angel.

He who has held me up through those times when my son was sick, He who probably guided me to a Catholic doctor who sees my best sides and told The Star in an interview that I am the smartest and knowledgable parent he has ever met, the Holy Spirit who allows me to find my own path to be a Christian because He (Jesus) knows I am stubborn as a mule and will run the other direction should any Christian approach me about the Good News.

Did I tell you that when I was in Adventist Hospital for the first two months, I was approached by so many people who wanted to talk to me about Christianity? The in-house yehsou preachers, nurses, doctors etc etc. Arrggh….it is always ‘Pray to God’. But little did they realise that non-believers like my previous self cannot ‘see God’ and will not know who is God. The more they talked, the further I ran.

So, I hope my little story here about how God has made Himself Man and the reasons why, has helped to make those of you who are like my previous self understands the meaning of Christmas. It is a symbolic day to remind us who believe in the birth of Jesus Christ that we have a second chance to make amends because God is willing to come to earth. We always have a second chance if we open up our hearts to Jesus. And Jesus doesn’t discern who you are. Just believe and open up your hearts.

*I am closing the comment. I typed this based on my own understanding as aCatholic Christian. I may used the wrong term to describe some parts but that’s how I see things.*