Chicken ass

Jeng, jeng, jeng…PMR results out tomorrow, 27th December 2007. My #2 son sat for the exam. But the conversation below is not about PMR.

Me : Eh, son, what is the plural of chicken? I have this blog post about roasting chicken and I am not sure about it. One chick, two chicken, right ah? So, instead of saying two chickens, I wrote two birds. But I am afraid later people mistaken I roast birds from the sky.

#2 son : Aiyor….chick is hot babe. Chicken is prostitute.

Me : Seriously lah, I am not sure if it is two chickens or two chicken.

#2 son : Chick is the baby, tiny one. Chicken is the grown one.

Me : I asked you chicken got s or not lah. Two chickens or chicken without s?

My little kid : Mommy, chicken must have ass, if no ass how to ‘seh’ egg? (seh – hokkien word for giving birth)

All the other kids plus hubby : Yalah!!!! No ass how to shit?

KNN, and I still am not sure if it is one chicken, two chickens or one chicken, two chicken. Cikgu Choonie, tolong ajar. Chicken ada s? And then, chicken is genderless, right?

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  1. Chicken is both countable and uncountable nouns. So both ways also can lah, depending on how you use it.

    It’s only referred as an uncountable noun when you refer to the chicken meat. So, no ‘s’ in this case.

    If you’re referring to the chicken itself, then it is a countable noun. So, there’s an ‘s’ if there is more than one chicken.

    eg. Why are there chickens on the roof?
    eg2. Why would anyone like to eat those oily and fattening fried chicken?

    And yeap, chicken is genderless.

    But do correct me if I’m wrong -)

  2. 1 idiot
    2 idiots
    3 idiots
    4 idiots
    5 xmom

    and I thought chicken has a male counterpart, the rooster aka cock?

  3. I thought chicken is oredi sembelih wan…not yet sembelih wan we call hen or rooster/cock, depending on the gender. chick is anak ayam or hot babe.

    Chicken got ass. šŸ˜›

  4. NO ‘s’.

    C H I C K E N. You see!??! Where got ‘s’ bwahahaha!!! Only got C, H, I, K, E and N. There you go. Oxford graduate, you know.

  5. #2 (the idiot) – Genderless as in the word reference to chicken. As in human. The word human is also genderless. You sure you are your mader’s son ar?

    A hen’s male counter part is a rooster. Chicken where got?!!! Get it?? Go back to school lah.

  6. Arrggh…now I lagi confused. At first, I thought what Raymond explained was correct. Now, I totally confused. Shouldn’t have asked.

    But whatever it is, this page is already on page 2 on Google search. Yay!

  7. Chicken = Ayam
    Rooster = Ayam jantan
    Hen = Ayam betina
    Chick = anak ayam..

    That should be easier for u…

    from your son’s perspective..
    Chicken = prostitute
    cock = ****
    chick = hot babes

    and if you were to count chicken, yes, there is ‘S’. If you generally refer to chicken, then no need ‘S’.

  8. Dun ask me.. I dun teach English…. but chicken.. of course got ‘s’ lar… 1 chicken, 2 chickens mah…. Btw.. I teach Maths.. I can count lar!

  9. Terence – HOI! Nay, #2 is a Loh. You forget.

    Cikgu Choonie – Aiyoyo, like this ah? I finally realized why I got confused. Ox – oxen, child – children but not chick-chicken. That’s why lah.

    patrick – I went to a few sites and read up and now understand the part of chicken as meat (pork, mutton, beef kinda) and chicken as the fowl running around.

  10. did #2 for PMR??I heard very easy wo..a lot of people get straight ah..
    of course 2 chickenS la..where got 2 chicken one?more than one must add S at the back

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