I want a pink or red WordPress theme with Oriental/Chinese theme!

Christmas is over and I am ready for Chinese New Year and St. Valentine’s Day (which is also the anniversary of this blog, btw).

So, I hunt for some smashing red theme but cannot find any nice one.

Then, I found this dark grey and fuschia (pink karer, i.e.) theme but the CCB code got some bugs. Though the theme said widget ready and I can see the widgets at the dashboard, but it won’t show on the blog. Unless I hack the code manually. But that’s too much work because my Shylock Adsense plugin also won’t work. Anyway, it is a sponsored theme so I don’t expect any technical support therefore I don’t bother to ask.

After some searching, I found this blue dandelion theme but it is not so me, huh? Too mild. I wish I have photoshopping skills to turn this theme into some Chinese influence theme. Red karer that exudes warmth and fiery breath. Hmm…I wonder if I can get the original designer to change the image files for me? Or is there any volunteers? Bribes in USD, can?

Anyone seen any nice two-column, red or deep pink, widget ready, SEO themes around?

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