To all the people I dissed before…

You heard of the song ‘To all the girls I loved before’ by Julio Igleasis , right? Well, I wanted to write a post on “To all my blog readers I loved before” but then, I don’t have any candidates worthy of my praises. Maybe I do, but I need to eat chocolate first before I can write mushy stuffs. (Video and lyrics in previous post)

For the last 365 days, I think I have dissed some people so let me go back and reflect why I dissed them openly on my site.

It is the year end so it is good to look back and see if I have done right or done wrong. *OF COURSE, THE 5XMOM IS ALWAYS RIGHT!*

March 2007 – QV got it from me because he mailed me a naked photo of a Malay man without giving me prior warning. I mistook him for being the holy-schmoly good Catholic who copy and paste writes so well about the faith. I got angry not because I have not seen a naked man before but because I hate people getting too familiar with me.

April 2007
– Clement. You know why he got it? Because I was asked by another person because Clement accused that person’s mom of asking for getting whacked by the husband. It is not as simple as one comment he made but he has been a nuisance all over.

Now, that is one poor guy after another kena dissed. Gender equality, let’s move on.

May 2007 – This time, the diss came in three parts because this person had took up so much of my time coaching her, then, she went and steal other people’s content and played the victim. You know what is ‘play the victim’? A lot of women do this. They may be the wrong party but to save their sorry arses, they will act like they are the injured party to gain sympathy. Their acting is usually so good, the side that is harmed will get the blame.

WOW, I spent three consecutive months finding fault with people!

And of course, that other little kid who got too ambitious too fast and eventually turned gay. The turning gay part has nothing to do with me. I know you guys have heard a lot of buzz and I don’t care to explain. Some girls even have these ‘OMG, she is the 5xmom who ate little chewren’ looks on their faces when I bumped into them. Oh well, just listen to whatever you fancy, I don’t fark care. And no, I am not linking because the gay site is 18SX and the other is even worst.

Added : How can I forget the one I just dissed last month?

Therefore…..2007 has been a fun year after all. What about you? Have 2007 been a good year for you?

I need to delve deeper into all the good posts I made. The above are only four posts out of 365 posts I made a year. Percentage wise, I am so nice wut?

And no, I don’t take apologies simply because I never feel the need to. If you have done wrong, just go your seperate ways. If you ever drown in deep shits, and I happened to pass by, I will lend a hand. But if you just fall and your face smack flat into a pile of cow dung, I will standby and laugh and hope you notice I laughed. That’s me. It is not about forgiving, it is about living cincai-ly.

Cincai come, cincai go.

P/S : People, who else did I missed out ah? I know many of you kepohchees sure keep track more than me wannn…

19 thoughts on “To all the people I dissed before…

  1. To be truthful… that’s why sometimes I am quite scared of you. But I can’t live without reading ur blogs. This dun know # what time I visit this cincai olang punya blog.

  2. Cikgu Choonie – Bukan orang sebarang orang get to be dissed by Teh 5xmom wann…You no so siao like them, you kenot geddit one, don’t worry. LOL.

  3. This kehpohchee remember one – neh, the one who play fire with political issues but the api malap malap only and then try to ask some other people to blog about it as well wan? Oh, you haven’t dissed that person yet, no? Bwahahahahahahha!!!

  4. I am not in your diss list yet.
    I want to tiao ppl on my blog but dunno out of laziness or cowardness, somehow I did not do it. Reading your dissing posts recover my sanity (& insanity). Keep up the all postings. šŸ™‚

    Ya ya ya… you have ample of dissing posts butI cannot recall how many, I know terence know how to count 12345…. very well.

  5. why no honorary mention of rabidliang??!! hahaha!

    i love u forevah 5xmom!! *shoi shoi’s heart pop pop thiew*

  6. oooo… I like ur mobile version site. veli nice layout. should have the ang ang background instead of orange colour one. but not too bad la.

  7. Wah! I so long didn’t drop by…Lilian has become so grumpy, tiu here, tiu there, tiu everywhere! LOL! Better stop cos that is very typical of old people. Tiru macam saya…talk crap, laugh a lot and people think I’m only 16! Ha ha ha ha ha!!! Belated X’mas greetings to you and your family and all good wishes for 2008! May you fart fart big big…oops! I mean fatt fatt…as in fatt chai lah! Now don’t u diss me now! Ha ha ha ha ha….

  8. sue me – Sometimes, I am so surprised with my previous posts oso. LOL.

    suituapui – Your fault lor, never fix a date with that handsome headmaster for me, so I mah grumpy lor. Next year, his last year here liao.

    terence – Niamah

    kH – Dun pressure me

    choonie – Aiyer, wanna die oso you pressure me to blog

  9. That fellow handsome is because it’s like u buy a car and never use!!! Many many years, still looks new. But engine already 55 years old, where got power anymore? Ha ha ha ha ha!!! I’m also 55, just retired 2nd December; I didn’t opt for 56. So kesian now…getting pension! Pok kai! Next time I go Penang, u bagi sikit ur USD beberapa K, ya? LOL!

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