Ammah!!!! I got my PR back!

Useful link : If you wish to find out how I applied for reconsideration from Google to review my Pagerank and how I get back the PR for my blogs, please read this post ‘How I get Google to give me back my PR‘.

Ish, I was sick also no one ask except for choonie and kh (who are you ah, but thanks anyway?). Merajuk liao. Spent the whole of yesterday in bed, flat out, swallowing ponstan and nin jom.

But I just found out something that will stir me out of my death bed. I tell you…..Google loves me. I got my PR or pagerank back for three of my blogs.

My food blog, Best recipe, make money blog, and this personal blog. PR 4! (never mind that I used to have PR 5/10 on this blog but PR 4/10 is good enough for now)

I used to make USD5K per month and this month, I am still short of 20 bucks to touch USD2K. It is a huge price to pay but I have sworn off paid posts. No more selling text links, no more paid posts on the these three blogs until Google define what I am allowed to do.

I have added no-follow links to all of these three blogs. And I got my PR back! YAY!!!! I want face-water, I don’t want money. I got my PR back, nyek….don’t jealous, ok? Unless you are willing to forego lots of USD and be as stupid as me. Don’t want money, want ranking. No more paid posts and no more text links for me. I only worship Google. Google is my internet god.

25 thoughts on “Ammah!!!! I got my PR back!

  1. hey 5xmom!

    still remember me?

    i’ve lost my PR too la… but duno wat to do to regain it back.

    mind giving me a helping hand to revive my PR?
    i’m totally noob! LOL

  2. Aiyo…u got say u sick meh? How do I know u sakit teruk like dat? Engine old already…must jaga baik-baik! Cannot drive like Mat Rempit anymore. Anyway, glad u’re better…and already thinking about money! He he he he he!

  3. suituapui – Yayaya, got money apa sakit also disappear.

    des – Wait when I am free, I will share how I get back my PR. Check my I will post there next week.

    terence – Niamah, ask me dead or alive, I thought you cannot wait to take over my blogs mah. How I know you mean concern wor.

  4. Hi Lilian, how come when I check PR for your and, it still says PR0? *Confused*

  5. Kenneth – Wuah….you check what lah? I use Firefox with Google toolbar and Dig Pagerank and……..(inserts every PR check tool).

    hobart – Yalor, I set up altar, burn 3 joss-sticks every night and offer roasted pig to googlegod. LOL. Now, my sembelih kerbau baru boleh.

    terence – I buy Mr. Brasso for you, nvm.

  6. erm erm erm…. u said u are very very busy, so i assume u are busy with celebration and many many events…
    i do come everyday to check out your latest posting….
    sorry to hear you are sick, get well soon

  7. Haiyo… Choonie’s blog now lost to 5xmom’s blog. Choonie has PR2 and 5xmom has none bor… Now, she overtakes me liao. Jeles!!!!
    Glad that you are ok. At first I thought something must have happen and then I was telling myself that I think too much. You might have your last minute holiday for year 2007. I ask Terence also he din jawab. Bad Terence. Only pay fully attention to his princess. Blek!

  8. terence – Curse me somemore, niamah. HOI, bosses calling again! And hor, now you kesian me yet or not? I got PR 0 time, even nice-nice Cikgu Choonie oso laff me liao. She said she win me worrr….. You see….that’s why I sembahyang kerbau to my googlegod to get my PR back lor. Faster send me a bottle of champagne to celebrate.

    cikgu – You ask Terence for what lah, he my guardian kah? LOL. You think he got CCTV or he planted GPS tracker in me meh?

    agnes – Got PR back, feel less sick jor. Can even go church jaga OHP today. Boh pien, I sked to ask people to take over my duty, so kwai-kwai sumbat ponstan (cos I taiyeemah, kenot take panadol) and go lor. So holey-moley hor? Haha.

  9. Hey.. you dun know Terence used to have a GPS… Ghost Positioning System. Read his post lar! He will tell me if you …. bwah haha ha.. Learn tat from Terence!

  10. choonie – No wor….I don’t know Terence oso.

    sue – Yes, I am so glad too.

    nexy – Thanks! I need that ‘cos I worked for that. Very, very painful orhh…have to throw so much USD away in my text links ads.

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