Last night, I finally get to sit down and watch Lust, Caution 100% uncut version starring Tony Leung and Tang Wei and I feel…….

in love

NO!!!!! I feel stupid! I only went to bed at 5 am this morning.

I have so many questions spinning in my head I get nightmares.

Firstly, the show is in Mandarin with Shanghainese. Tiu lor, who speaks Shanghainese lah. The English subtitles dunno come from what crap machine translated type so I disable it so that I don’t go crazy deciphering what the hell they are saying. I need to rely on whatever basic Mandarin I know to understand. I know ‘Wa hen ni” can sounds so ‘I love you” when uttered right.

Now, here are my 101 questions :

1) Why did the girl (Tang Wei) hate those traitors so much? I know she got a tough life due to the Japanese invasion but then, there is nothing that afflicted her enough to compel her to forego her virginity, her life and those of her friends, isn’t it? What exactly is she hating so much?

2) The only part that I know I am clever is when I asked myself, “Hey, how is a young (virgin) girl like her going to be a spy as a Mrs. Mah?” But Ang Lee has failed to draw us to feel for Wang Li Hom. That will probably make the show much more heart rending. You know…like when the other guy was forced to carry out his ‘mission’, show Wang Li Hom looking tortured kinda face? When the girl said, “Three years ago…you could have….but you didn’t.” failed to drive the point because of that.

3) They stabbed the guy to death so violently. I thought that is one of the many parts that will show how ruthless they are. But too bad, it was just pure gore and nothing else. Ang Lee failed to show us the hardened sides of those chaps. Only 6 fumbling good for nothing chaps.

4) Joan Chen character is not fully developed. She played a main part but I cannot feel for her. You see, there is this nice and pretty spy aka Mrs. Mah who is using Joan Chen’s hospitality to seduce her husband with the intention of killing him. Yet, you cannot emphatize with her and neither can you hate her enough to enjoy the thought that her husband is fooling around.

5) The transition from the part where the girl Tang Wei hates Tony Leung to the part where she actually falls in love with him is not define and even being a woman, I cannot see the differences. Those subtle nuances that I should have caught them were not there. The show lacks passion. Lust and passion are two different things, you know? Then, out of nowhere, she is stupid enough to tell him to fled and eventually got herself killed and her friends and country betrayed. This is where I got totally dumbfucked. I mean, WTF, she had been through so much and suddenly, she relented. Over a pink diamond?

So, my recommendation? Males, don’t watch, it is too boring. Women, tell me please. What drove her to go all the way to be a spy and only to betray her whole mission. Yerrr…I geram, I cannot grasp the whole meaning of this show. Very mang-chang wan you know…