Psst…did you hear about the latest sex scandal ah?

Updated :
Chua Soi Lek‘s confession on his sex act.

Many, many, many years back, there was a circulation of a video tape of an Indian political guy making out with an Indian woman. I tell you, the whole thing was so boring, you can go to sleep and wake up and they are still at it. Same position, same expression. Eventually, the guy was kicked out of MIC. I forgot his name anyway.

Then, not long ago, there was this Malay couple, both married but not to each other taking a photo in their bathrobes.

I remember I vaguely saw the one from Indonesia with some Maria something woman. That one I cannot forget cos the guy’s kkc was soooo tiny. LOL.

Now, I just picked up from Shadowfox’s blog :

EDIT: Article on the sex scandal on Utusan.

DVD ‘aksi seks pemimpin politik’ disebar di Batu Pahat

MUAR 30 Dis. – Cakera padat digital (DVD) yang didakwa mengandungi ade gan hubungan seks antara seorang pemim pin politik nasional berasal dari Johor dengan seorang wanita berusia 20-an kini tersebar di Muar dan Tangkak sejak semalam.

Selepas penyebaran meluas secara per cuma di Muar kelmarin, DVD tersebut dikatakan mula disebarkan pula ke daerah Batu Pahat hari ini.

Nah, I said I heard it on Utusan only ah? I never say who it is and if it is true. Utusan is the mainstream media. Now, I am interested to know because if it is true, it is indeed a big farce. Why? Because here is the man who is supposed to defend the Chinese’s interest. People who are supposed to look into our country’s health. Ooops…did I say that? Ok, I strike out first. Married man, making out and being caught on video. Scandalous! Go read Shadowfox.

8 thoughts on “Psst…did you hear about the latest sex scandal ah?

  1. Indian guy Vijandran lah! U so young, I so old…still I can remember! Aiyo…even Bill Clinton also what! And he said he “never had sex with her”. U remember her name or not??? Ha ha ha ha ha!!!

  2. this title caught my eye! i watched the indian manb dvd too!!! vey long to get the girl la!!


    monica lewinsky right?!!

  3. My friend just told me last night the video is circulating in Johor in a very fast speed. What a new year for him! Haha…

  4. That fella admits he is the guy in the video and refuse to resign. Let’s see whether the PM allows such person in the cabinet.

  5. Many other vips have the same adventures. Just that he is unlucky to be caught with the pants down!

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