The best of 2007

*sniff* Another year is coming to an end. This time, I am going to look back on the good times I have had in 2007 which I had written down in my blog. Maybe I will cover month by month on the things that have significant impact on my live or those around me. Get your puke bucket ready because I tend to boast a lot. LOL.

January 2007

I went to Melaka in January to attend my niece’s wedding. And now I just remembered someone actually ran further south to avoid me, niamah!

February 2007

My little kid’s birthday and I actually wrote a very nice reflection why I name him Matthew or Gift of the Lord.
. Oh we also had one Penang Bloggers’ meet. Faster go see lengjai Bryan‘s pic.

March 2007

End of March, I played an April’s Fool trick. To those who were sporting, thank you. To those who got tulan-ed for getting braffed by me, sorry lor. Still angry ah? I got a guest post, the first ever so it is worth mentioning.

Maybe, I should also note the day my atm came back with his VSS compensation. He gave me a six digit cheque and that got me by surprised. Married women, do read and be prepared always. I also have an online will here.

April 2007

April is a month when I celebrate my hubby and eldest son‘s birthdays. Their birthdays are only one day apart.

I wrote a moving post on ‘Have you forgotten your roots as a blogger?’ which caused some misunderstandings from my previous blog buddies. They said my head was getting too big and I am trying to patronise with my shitloads of make money ideas. Now, December 2007, I am glad I wrote that post. I believe I have never lost touch with my basic ideals of being a blogger and I have come full circle. I lost some blog buddies in the process but hey, I never look back. Only forward.

May 2007

May is always an emotional month for me. You know what they said about ‘God works in mysterious ways’? Well, I got to know ehon. Chicken soup for the bloggers soul was one of my inspiring posts. Sometimes, I do wonder why I crapped so much online but when I know those time I spent online will somehow help someone, it is worth it.

June 2007

Some shits happened in June. I won’t mentioned what but it involves some stupid death threats to me. Farking sickoes, I tell you. And thanks, Terence for being there for me. So, I am not sieving through June’s posts.

However…. one post I wrote in June still get many searches. “Men did it for sex, women did it for love.“. Back then, I wrote a post “Why I didn’t support Advertlets“. Maybe it is worth looking back?

July 2007

Do you all remember being labelled goblok and beruk by the beruks? And then, the Namewee‘s case? So happening month, this July. And one little girl was brutally murdered by her mom’s boyfriend. Case still ongoing. RIP.

August 2007

August. A month when God shows me what miracle is. A moment when a mother’s instinct jump into full gear and that gut feelings told me something is not going right and I prayed hard before I went to sleep. Much later, I realized that was also my mother’s death anniversary and probably, she had been a guardian angel to my son. Thank you, God, thank you, Ma. BTW, the Perdana is still in repair. Bwahaha.

September 2007

It was my birthday. Some stuffs happened but it is over. Like that little girl being brutally raped and killed? It was also my #4 son’s birthday (which he never got to celebrate) and hence, double emo for me. I have said it and I will say it again. I hate fence sitters. Cos of this cibaipoh who is so damn self-righteous. Ptui.

October 2007

I ranted about religion in a deep profound post. Ijust want to say, my God is not a tester and neither is He is punishing God. But as soon as I completed one profound post, I ended up writing about shitting. I think this is what keeps people reading my blog. I have no fixed rules.

October is also when I made a lot of moolah online. I repeated the stunt in November as well.

November 2007

In October and November, hubby was in between work and he had spent the best time of his life with the kids. Then, I was a bit bitchy and ranted why ‘women shouldn’t lie about their age‘ and that got throngs of women self-conscious if I am bitching about them. Nice!

Then, I did a stunt and put my Make$ Money$ blog for auction at USD12K. The highest bid I got was USD6K. Of course, I have no intention of selling off my brandname but that gave me a huge traffic spike. And the mention by a lot of bloggers. Now that I have PR 4/10, USD12K also I won’t sell lah.

I typed a blog when I was feeling tipsy after I drank a bottle of wine in one sitting. Hic, too bad people do not know how to appreciate good humor like that.

December 2008

I declared that Blogging is Dead and people still don’t believe me. Now, I am going back to 2003 where I started from.

And after looking through a year’s post, I realised….many commentors have dropped off the radar because I never commented in their blogs. *sigh* Oh well….. Easy come, easy go. After four years of blogging, I have learnt to detach feelings and live a separate life. So, folks, listen to me. Blogging is over. Don’t take it too seriously. Don’t blog with the same clique from January to December. Their presence will strangle your creativity. Their expectations will take the fun out of blogging. Now, I don’t fark care.

And in finale, I am so thankful that Google restored my pageranks. Some people asked what is pagerank. It is like those stripes you see on the police uniform. If you have higher numbers, it means you have more authority in terms of getting more traffic, commanding more money in ads and basically, it is just face water because some of the top 100, top 50 lists base it on pageranks.

So, I can give myself a pat on the back for a rather interesting year because I earned big moolah, stir up big storm, make some enemies, pissed some parties, find some friends (actually all three of them LOL like LEC,EC and ?) and I hope my posts have somehow made a little difference in all your lives. Whether positively or negatively, I cannot help it. The choice is yours, take the good, ignore the bad.

For 2008, remember to live life to the fullest. Say what you mean and mean what you say.

Thank you for all the hundreds (or is it thousands?) of comments I received in 2007. Thank you for reading. Sorry that I don’t always react like you expected, get used to it already! I don’t blog for you. I blog for myself, my kids and my God.


20 thoughts on “The best of 2007

  1. Wah…so eventful ur year! Mine started with my daughter going for Khidmat Negara – good training for what was to come. Her SPM results came out – all A1 except Literature (marked by that *%@# handsome headmaster) – pass only…and after appeal, got Credit 6. Then she got into the TESL Overseas (New Zealand)programme- going to be an English teacher like the father – in Sg Petani (very near 5XMOM) and at the end of the year, I retired!!! A HAPPY AND VERY PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR 2008 to u, Lilian and your family. Good luck, health and lots of wealth 24-7-365!!!

  2. Must say 2007 is an eventful year for 5xmom.
    The ups and downs eventually comes to a good end.

    I wish you and your family, bloggers, readers and commentators of 5xmom sites, a healthy, happy and peaceful 2008.


  3. Its like you say lah. When you stop commenting on ppls’ blog they oso stop coming to yours. So superficial! Despite all the earlier “closeness”. But who cares. Haha.

    HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!

  4. giddy – Happy New Year to you too! No eventful mah boring hor?

    daniel – Thanks

    MG – Yalor, fair weather friends hor? Not like me hor? *hooks pinky*

    budokid – I like wor, so personalized like that. In fact, I change it myself. LOL.

    agnes – May 2008 be even more ‘fun’. Hahaha.

    shoppingmum – Tks!

    wuching – Every single one of your comments went into spam for the past few days already.

    STP – Wuah….then when you come SP make sure you fix a date with the handsome gurubesar hor? LOL.

    icednyior – Tks

    Bryan – Yalor, hope 2008 is even better, in terms of $$.

    mistipurple – Tks, hope it is a good year for everyone else.

  5. many things happened this year..mine too..too many sad ones to be precise..
    hoping for a better 2008..
    happy new year lilian and family!!
    have a great 2008!

  6. Eventful meh? Tiu! So mushy lah all the wishes. Blek!!!

    The BEST is yet to come!!! Bring it on 2008!!!! Correct ar? Tenkiu.

  7. sasha – Tenkiuuuu….I thot u mm choi ngo lor.

    terence – Tenkiu what? You know my three friends ah? Hahaha.

    sue me – Overall, good year for me. Cos I made a lot of moolah…..That’s what matters. Not friends. *slaps self for being so selfish*

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