Chua Soi Lek sex DVD – where to find?

Updated 9.40 pm 2nd January, 2008 : Chua Soi Lek said “Some Malaysians have a holier-than-thou attitude.” (Yahoo News). My says : It is not holier-than-thou, it is call upholding what we believe in, like sanctity of a marriage and hence, we have to speak up. Don’t point your finger back to the rakyat.

Latest 4.30 pm 2nd January, 2008 : Malaysiakini reported that Chua has resign. Well, he should have done that earlier.

Added just for kicks :

Chua Soi Lek says…”Practise safe sex” (LOL, I stumbled on this old news and couldn’t resist adding it here just in case all the budak-budak want to follow Uncle Chua’s footstep.


Your neighbourhood sei98poh aunty brings you this news from The Star.

I am the one in the sex DVD, says Chua

KUALA LUMPUR: Health Minister Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek admitted he is the politician in the sex DVD circulating in Johor.

In a press conference here Tuesday, Dr Chua said the girl is his “personal friend”.

He apologised to the Malaysian public, supporters and his colleagues.

He said he did not make the tape himself.

Dr Chua said he will not resign over the sex DVD. He will leave that up to Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to decide.

The sex DVD had been circulating in Muar, Tangkak and Batu Pahat over the past few days.

The existence of the DVD was first reported in the Chinese dailies on Sunday while a Bahasa Malaysia daily reported about it Monday.

Whoa!!!!! You da man, Dr. Chua. I am sure all the men in Malaysia applaud your balls to admit. I am sure Pak Lah will listen….After all, he said God created man to love many women. Nay…remember what Pak Lak said when he was asked about his second marriage less than a year after Datin Endon’s death? So, bravo!

Now, I wonder if you, Dr. Chua who is the Minister of Health is going to recommend extra-marital sex with young women for good mental and physical health? I am sure your compatriots in the Immigration Department will not mind importing ship loads of China dolls to ensure that there are enough 20+ years old girls to pass around to all the married men in Malaysia? Remember to recommend free condoms distribution.

And I have to say this, Dr. Chua. Minister or not, I think you are damn suey for cheating on your wife. I do not know if you have children but I am sure you have just hurt a lot of people with your gatal-ness. I don’t care if you have been a good minister and community leader but any married men who have sex outside of his marriage does not deserve anyone’s respect. What more, an old man like you with a 20+ years old girl? (the wife said she forgave him *roll eyes* .)

HEY PEOPLE, mana mau cari sex video Chua Soi Lek? Put it on Youtube, yo!

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64 thoughts on “Chua Soi Lek sex DVD – where to find?

  1. the beauty of malaysian politics… caught red handed and still can talk like he is the victim…. i wont be surprise they go and prosecute the source of the clip and c4 the girl.

  2. 44 mins of sex on DVD. Wuah! Ron Jeremy also kalah!

    Like that also kena caught on CCTV. Sure kena trap one. But he should have known the consequences and saw it cumming. (pun intended).

    5xmom says : Terence, maybe it took him that long to get the flag pole raise leh? Or maybe he got free supply of Viagra leh? So many possibilities hor? Nice to speculate hor?

  3. i know where.but dare not post wor….email to u mau?

    froginkl : Wuah, gua tak mau, gua tak tau. LOL. But you know my email la hor? Kikhkikhkikh

  4. hahah, i like chua soi lek, i used to think he has an ‘i’m an innocent old man’ face, hehe
    seriously didn’t thought it was him at all.
    well, my parents have been bugging me to find the damn tape since yesterday, so send it to me can ar?

  5. EEeeeeewwwwwwlll…. u wanna cari tat sex video?? U actuali wan c tat dirty old man doing ah ? Ohhh god.

    DZ :Eh, you don’t know what bloggers want? Traffic lah! But hor, I want to see the girl sui bo.

  6. Hey…. dun forget me too!!!
    Let me know where to get the tape..

    Sure he has damn big balls
    Dare to do
    Dare to admit

    What a great start for 2008

  7. This is a great case of “tangkap basah” Thank god Malaysians didn’t have to go through an ordeal like AMericans had to go through during Clinton-Lewinsky scandal. I guess Chuah took it to another level – admit his faults and await PM’s “pleasure” of firing him. I hope he resigns. I can’t imagine him representing the community. I am sure this is a common behavior of many politicians – power corrupts. Happy New Year

  8. what a disgrace. if this Minister was in UK, he will be sacked ASAP

    ezine : That’s what irks me. He refused to resign and act like damn innocent like that.

  9. He probably practiced safe sex. Only one good friend as partner what….
    And very faithful too. Got his wife’s consent mah….

  10. “Safe sex and be faithful” on Dec 2, 2007.
    “Safe sex, but no need to be faithful” on Jan 2, 2008.


  11. “Eh, you don’t know what bloggers want? Traffic lah! But hor, I want to see the girl sui bo.”

    aunty lilian, i have read in some chatbox that the girl is around late 20s and not that sui -_-” dunno ler, what i know is a lot of ppl are asking about the dvd 😛

    btw happy new year ! 🙂

  12. i am flushing..flushing…imagine an old man..minister..
    ‘cumming’ action.,…
    i think u managed to get free and ORI viagra….
    so once it safe..then he will proposed to gov..this medicine is safe
    wat a gud minister malaysia have..hadhari version.. chinese hadhari meh…

    personal friend… hahaha… what a way to describe the girl…..
    cannot beza..slut and hooker @ pros

  13. As a cabinet minister, after the sex scandal you have no business to be part of the Government. Just resign no need to justify. Look for your resignation.

    We look at all cabinet ministers to be free of corruption, scandals etc to set the pace for ordinary citizens to follow, otherwise every rayat will be involved in scandals.

  14. hei guy….i am damm surprise when saw that hottes news today!!!
    maybe i am the late person know this news!!
    but i still very very cant believe that it could happen!!
    wat i think that is that girl r dam lucky coz can have a one night stand
    with a minister!! and i think that girl sure grab alot money from
    the minister already!!! haha!!!!
    anyway…this Minister of Health is very healthy o!!
    already 60years old still can tahan so long!! but i very excited to watch
    this video……anyway…who have the video pls post at web and share
    together…..ok??? all r waiting for the hottest show of old man!!!
    email me lo!!! or upload to rapidshare or torrents!!

  15. Wah lau eh! Hats off to you for digging that piece of archived news. Salute!

    Pablo : Actually, I was doing my SEO stuffs, looking at those keywords and found the article. LOL. Too bad I dug it out, now I got extra ammo.

  16. “be faithful to your partner…”

    thank you datuk seri for the advice… thank you…

  17. I’m interested to have the link too. LOL.

    It’s too late to apologize. Being a minister, Chua should step down. I don’t care if someone try to sabotage and topple his political career because I’m looking at this issue at the moral point of view.

  18. Nation-The Star
    Wednesday January 2, 2008
    MYT 4:07:46 PM

    Chua resigns after sex scandal

    KUALA LUMPUR: Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek has tendered his resignation as Health Minister, MCA vice-president, Johor MCA chief and Labis MP.

    He announced this at a press conference Wednesday here.

    The announcement came a day after he held a press conference in Labis, Johor, where he admitted to being the man in the sex DVDs circulating in Johor.

  19. Aiya…tis’is really malaysian…semua boleh…sex outside marriage and having a family plus being a minister……..SEMUA BOLEH. Where did the Malaysian put their brain hah???
    Admit your guilty and quit the post…Other countries minister..once caught …thats all. QUIT….

  20. Not wise and smart enough to be a MINISTER, never let the SMALL HEAD CONTROL THE BIG HEAD Mr. Minister.

  21. Since Mr. Health Minister Dr. Chua admitted, why he still want to tell people his girlfriend, show his full guts by just telling everyone prostitute. Even though the picture is not sharp and clear, I’m sad to say his taste is totally out, very sad to mentioned that Dr. Chua Soi Lek, you are TOO LEK, meaning (too smart)

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