First post – 2008

The first post of the year. Happy new year to me.

Caught in a jam because we want to bring the 2 kids to watch fireworks.

Lucky I can have access to the internet and blog from my phone. May 2008 brings me PR 8/10. (this is call positive thinking, ok?)
– end of mobile blogging –

fireworks 2008

Make mental note to self. Next year or any other years, remember that the kids are not interested to watch fireworks. Spent 2 hours in a traffic jam that involves, human, motorbikes and cars jams and we only watched 7 minutes of fireworks. And what did the kids said? “So boring one……”


Lucky I got some decent photos of the fireworks or else…

19 thoughts on “First post – 2008

  1. happy new year!

    i’m excited for new things from you this 2008. i think it could be the $$$ year,, isn’t it? have an exciting year ahead and god bless =)

    Long Live Lilian!

    *woooot wooooooot*

  2. i gave up chasing fireworks coz of the crowd and jam LOL neways i wish u a happy happy new year! may this year brings u luck and fortune and of course a very high PR LOL

  3. nie fireworks??fireworks is always grandparents and aunts brought me when i was young..not interesting at
    anyway..happy new year!hav a good 2008!

  4. Hey Lilian..

    long time no comment leh…. just popped by to wish u a grand new year ahead…stress free and healthy one for you and your family! take care!

  5. Prosperous New Year to you…and ur kids can wait to reap the harvest!!! LOL! One thin I can’t understand is they talk about global warming, acid rain, pollution…and they ban playing of frieworks and firecrackers during festivals, and yet, they go full swing, not just during the New Year but other occasions eg. National Day. At least, we only play tiny ones…not the giant ones that they use! Isn’t this a case of “Do as we say, not as we do”? …Anyway, too early in the year to grumble, grumble, so just be happy!!

  6. The only way to make jaded kids interested in fireworks is …. let them make their own fireworks show. That way you don’t need to brave the traffic jam.

  7. Happy New Year!! Since Epiphany is this weekend, I can still wish you and your family a very blessed Merry Christmas!! šŸ™‚

    Nice pics of fireworks….

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