All these wives forgive cheating husbands are pure bullshits

I am going to say this because as a woman, I know it is pure bullshit that a woman can forgive her husband that easily. If the husband has been out screwing other woman, there is no way she can forgive that easily. What more if the woman is much prettier, younger, sexier, skillful, errm…tighter maybe? and all that she is not?

And the only reasons I can think of are :

1) There is no other more dignified way to solve the matter so she has to take the heroic matriarch way. If she walks out, she will be nothing but a piece of old hag, past her expiry. People have very little sympathy for the wives, usually. That’s how biased the world is, women. We are at the losing end all the time.

2) There is a lot of money, title, comfortable lifestyle, properties, millions of ringgit in some joint-account etc etc at stake so it is the smartest way out. Grit the teeth and grin it through. Oh ya, I forgot, the possibility of becoming a President one day. OTherwise, you think it is possible for Hilary Clinton to love Bill Clinton that blindly?

Bullshit! A woman cannot love a man that much to say, “It doesn’t matter that he screwed around. I love him unconditionally.” Kanasai, where got woman so dumb wan?

Sadly, that’s how the world is. Wives get cheated all the time. They cannot do much because sometimes, their kids are too young and they do not want to deny them of a normal family. So, they suffer silently. At other times, they are too insecure to live life as a single person, without the spouse. So, they leech on.

I don’t know about others. But if I am in that kind of position, I think I will :

a) Do what Lim Teng Chooi said to Tanya Chew. You know….the Just Follow Law where Phua Chu Kang said, “I will chop you, eat you and shit you like the piece of shit that you are.”

b) Slowly poison the spouse with some arsenic or whatever untraceable toxic stuffs so that I can kill without any trace. Meantime, I will make sure that all the properties are transferred to my name or at least my children’s names.

c) Pray to whatever gods that I pray (please for a moment, forget the real world can?) and put some curses so that he will slowly suffers some unbearable itch down there which cannot be cured with anti-histamines and need to scratch till the whole kukujiao drops off and the balls leak.

But my dear friends, these wives are lucky. Because the husbands will turn into a new leaf and probably pamper her like what she would have deserved (in the first place). It just needs a few screws to get him to be like that. Diamonds, holidays, expensive cars, a few condos in her name, club memberships, shopping trips etc etc. So, enjoy lah, what choice do you have?

And nayyyyy, no one can convince me that there is such a thing as a wife who can forgives. Nay….I don’t believe. It is not forgive. It is ‘boh pien’.

Moral of the story : Women, regardless of their age, ought to place their ownselves ahead of others. Keep your self value, take care of your beauty, remember your charm (what attracts your husband to you in the first place) and maintain that kind of communication with him all the time. Otherwise, too late liao, you die also boh lor eong lor. (useless) So go learn to ‘teh’ lah. Don’t know how? Ask The 5xmom. Muahahahar…

27 thoughts on “All these wives forgive cheating husbands are pure bullshits

  1. That’s why it’s so important for a woman to be self-sufficient lor… ini uncle CSL… gili betol!!

  2. Wa also have the same thought like 5xmom. Where in the world got a woman like that one!!! My hubby cheated me on small matter also I ingat until now. Keep on korek keluar the history when argueing. You say you forgive but deep down there you will always remember the hurt. But my case is really small and I just used it to make him feel that he should treat me better… wahahahaha… But if hubby does something like thie Tua Sei Liap, I am sure going to Tiu him kau kau. No other way but to leave him and make sure all his ‘choi chan’ is mine!!! Oh yes… and make sure his tua tua liap and banana all CHOP OFF and FLUSH into the toilet so that cannot sambung semula.

  3. Choonie: you are a total bitch. why your husband married you, we will never know. maybe cause ur cheebye is ultra tight. we definitely know its not for your personality.

    Blog owner says : Anoonimus, grow some balls first before you learn to talk. Use your own name or shaddap.

  4. I have seen both sides..

    Man got rich
    Man got new bitch

    Woman got rich
    Woman got new dog

    I am not sitting in the middle of the fence
    This thing call Lust is a sexiciting adventure

    Lust and sex
    Are best friends

    Why not keep both
    For our spouse?

  5. Hard to believe also. Definitely looking like a pre-written script of “Stand by your man”. Sounds much like what Abdul Razak Baginda’s wife said. Anyway, I wouldn’t want to be in his, her or their children’s shoes. Better to migrate and stay away from the Malaysian public.

  6. Of late, I have been hearing gossips about datins who have frequent ‘duck’ parties. Also, this age, lots of wives cheat on their husbands. The only common denomination is the terrible feeling of betrayal and hurting from the faithful spouses. ‘Stand by your man or woman’ is the norm response from politician spouses. What else to say? At least, it may lead up to the steps of White House like Hilary Clinton. Blowing up like Moby Dick is useless.

  7. truely agree with you… no other woman in the world will accept the husband’s apology. if i wld the man, i’ll sure say, sorry honey, i’ve just screwed another woman and now needed your forgiveness….

  8. Imagine the wife tells the whole world that she will never forgive our minister, is that going to be published to the media? the government will be very the no face like that, sure wont be showing to the paper loh..
    die die also must ask the wife to forgive him lah..

  9. heheh, B4 i kahwin i tell my husband these (somesort of prenuptial agreement)

    1) if u get rich n famous then u get a bitch>>> i won’t forgive u, but i wouldn’t divorce u. coz i have contributed to ur success also. you will pay for the price>>>all your property and assets are to be transfered to my name.liabilities are all yours.your kids will get the best out of the world. i will give u reverse mental n psycho

    2) if u r no rich but yet still get a bitch>>>i will chop u

    3)if u r not rich but get a rich bitch>>>should i close one eye???
    no way>>>still chop u n flush in to the toilet bowl

    hahaah…and most of his friends knew of our this special prenuptial agreement!!!!hahaha and his friends warn their girlfriends not to be so friend to me…ahahaaaha

  10. There is no such good and kind hearted woman on earth who will forgive her husband who do tat. If me, I will first be very kind and gentle to him. Pretend I trust him. Make him feel guilty abit and get the money. Make him pokai and throw him out of the house. Otherwise, if cannot sure chop off his kukujiau and let him suffer. Lawrence show me his picture. Aiyoh! I must say his face look so hamsap. So old liau lagi so gatai. Make his wife & kids so shameful. How are they going to face their relatives n friends leh?


    Blog owner replies : Kanasai, you si old penang. Who ask them to marry the woman in the first place? You think the wife old liao, the men kenot old meh? It has nothing to do with how the wife looks, it has to do with the morality. Lanjiao eh, next time don’t capitalise. Go learn how to type properly. Angel is spelt with A N G E L. Not angle. Boleh faham kah, ah pek? Ugly is U G LY. No U G L E. Go learn some spelling before you get on the internet. Don’t malu-fy yourself lah, old man.

  12. Old Penang- Either you are fucking ugly or your wife is! Bwahahahaha!!!
    WTF! are u writing lah??!! If you are still single, then you must be farking ugly!! If you are married, better check if your wife is cheating on you!!!

  13. Aiyah,…. always talk like want to be that hitchcock fella… want to cut la, chop la, flush down toilet bowl la… but if it really happens… only thing is CRY LA!!!

    Reality is such that as long as got KKJ, it is bound to get itchy. It has got nothing to do with Looks or $$$ or style.. I have seen the ugliest and poorest man get the fuck of his life from plenty women and God only knows why… So, perhaps it is charm, perhaps it is just pure alignment of the stars… but as a woman, if you ngong kow kow expect faithfulness from that KKJ you sleep with, you are in for BIG trouble.

    We never really know what goes on in someone else’s marriage and to say who is right or wrong, is just not right lor. Maybe the wife didnt do her duties leh, maybe the man very tyrant at home leh… maciam ada…So, for me, I prefer not to judge and let this judgement be between the man and GOD.

    However, if I am in the wife’s position, I would re-examine myself. This is a wake up sign from GOD that something is freaking wrong with my marriage and I better get to the bottom of it! The only reason I will ever stay on the marriage is that I still lurve the man and want to be with him. No other reasons… stuff the kids and spare them the pain and all la.. that is pure crapshit la…. like as if the kids are dumb and blind!!! Kids are the smartest of all.. they know when things are not happening in their home and nothing will spare them the pain of knowing such facts! It is part of growing up.

    Forgiveness is not impossible but forgetting it ever happen is. It will scar the relationship and most of the time, the relationship will never be the same. However, there are exceptional case where the relationship between the man and wife gets better. And for this, I suppose is the work of GOD.

    laozharbor : I don’t want to speculate where you get all these ideas. I have stated very clearly in my previous post my views on this. But I am going to say this very clearly. Whatever you want to say, fine. But please leave God out of this. If there is God, there is no infidelity. So, let God rest, ok?

    And let me reiterate – A person who profess in believing God will respect their marriage vows and will have the conscience not to sin. This is what I mean.

  14. lilian,
    “And let me reiterate – A person who profess in believing God will respect their marriage vows and will has the conscience not to sin. .”

    i angkat tangan support this.1000%

  15. fronginkl – I actually hate to bring the religion part and the marriage sanctity in but everyone seems to think it is fine for men to do what Chua Soi Lek did. Too much, right? And where are all those Ng Yen Yen and their preaching on families unity leh? Why ah? If it is from their own political parties, then, cannot say wrong or right liao?

  16. Yeah.. Ng Yen Yen talks about wearing sexy and wear perfume in the bedroom especially for hubby so he will not cheat the wife.
    Pening palak when I read this in the newspaper.

    choonie : You see lor, women always against women. That means Ng Yen Yen blamed it on the wife lor. Haiyor, like this oso you don’t get it meh? Women are their own worst enemies. You would think people will pity the wife, but no such thing wan.

  17. i agree……..cheating is like….strike ONE and YOU’RE OUT!!!!!!!!! RED CARD!! or GO STRAIGHT TO JAIL……….like dat….

    secondly, come to think about it….the greatest “crook” in this scandal story could be the ‘girlfriend’ and SHE is getting away with it!!! nobody’s commenting anything about her because NOBODY knows who she is and NOBODY gives a bloody hoot who she is?! i say FIND OUT the witch and give her a taste of some shame medicine. ok…im begining to sound evillll………kekekekee

  18. yesterday me and my hubby was talking about this ‘affair’.. he asked me what would i do.. would i forgive him or not IF he cheats.. i told him straight that i’d pack my bags, take the kids (if i have), take half of his assets and leave him for good.. coz i told him that if he can cheat 1 time, he’d do it again.. and i can’t trust him ever again.. this is how i feel.. i don’t think i can move on and forgive.. just my 2 cents..

  19. I’m with you Lilian, I don’t believe any woman will forgive their cheating husband that easily! But typical lah, politician’s wife mah…

  20. Lilian,

    I didnt say CSL is GOD fearing. I only implied that everything happen for a reason and it’s part of GOD’s great plan. He is afterall, the Alpha and the Omega…

    As for women who can forgive their spouse after such a big showdown, well, before we all go and say all those hitchcock acts of cutting and frying the KKJ, please let’s all get real here for a minute. How many of us have actually gone through the whole mumbo-jumbo of being cheated on?! I have and I survived and NO, I didnt leave my spouse and I didnt do any of those things which by the way, is a CRIME.. can go Jail and the judge will not care if your husband cheated on you. THAT IS A FACT!

    Another fact is that we all live in the REAL World which, all the time contradicts the Ideal world notion that we all have in our pretty little heads. IDEAL world is where all men are GOD fearing. Man only loves 1 woman and he will not even blink an eye and look if Eva Mendez walks pass naked. REAL world spells, some men DO cheat on their spouse no matter how GOD fearing they are. To most men, Love and sex are two different things, they will ogle and fantasize about having hot, lurid sex if they so much as see Eva Mendez’s panty on TV! So, the sooner we, the women kind, learn to accept that REAL world is not IDEAL and vice-versa, it will save us lots of heartache. Say what you like and must but the fact remains is that we have to survive in the REAL world with minimum pain and humps& bumps to our soul! So, we either change our thinking or we can continue to cry buckets when shit happens!

    Lastly, if we women want to be respected, we better start to behave like we can comprehend and overcome challenges in a civil manner.. All these cut and fry KKJ sure spells barbaric or is it just all talk and no action? Both spells disaster as to how we women thinks! To men, talking in such fashion only spells CRAZY! Now you know why most men treat women in such shitty fashion!?

    Another thing, you think divorce is a simple thing ah.. pack bag, lari the children away and divorce is like what we see in movies ah!?? GET REAL la… you lari the kids and if he is mean, he makes a police report on you for kidnapping the kids and you had it! Divorce cost a bomb just to ensure you get what you have put in financially to the marriage. Dont even think of wanting to have half of his assets. If yes, you better have tonnes of concrete proof that you have contributed to his success of acquiring his assets, if not, the judge will look at you like you are a money grabbing bitch and give you a good lecture on how to be a human being and award you NOTHING! YUP.. i see this day in day out! Divorce is tedious, it will drain you financially, emotionally and mentally. Not many women come out of a divorce stronger and financially comfortable. Most come out broken in spirit and soul.. and of course financially! THIS IS THE REAL World!

  21. Blogowner says : What’s the matter with you? Did I say the DIVORCE word? Did anyone says that? Chill lah, we are only talking ‘what if we are in the wife’ shoes. This is not the gospel truth and no one is being asked to take a stand. You are getting on my nerves with all these facts of life. Don’t try to teach me what life is ok? If you want to apply what happens in your own life, then, say it. Don’t try to tell US. You get what I mean? You want to change all the whatever kata-nama and tell us exactly what happen to your OWN life, then, say so. Otherwise, don’t teach me stupid things like these. I know better than you. I deal with women who really were in situations like that. Niamah, you got time to write so long comment and keep arguing with me, then go start your own blog lah. Nah, here’s the URL, 3-steps only.

    I have made it clear, I said normal program resumes. Respect that. Who fcuk cares what happened to CSL. By now, the whole Malaysian women know he is one dead boring lover. I just had a good laugh with my girlfriends over what we saw. DEAD…..BORING. The wife must be saying ” Like dis one, I go find one AYam for him better lah.”

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